The Transformation of Celtics jerseys

The Transformation of Celtics jerseys

As the Lakers’ arch rivals, the Celtics’ jerseys also have to be mentioned, and their jerseys even have a more ancient history than their team. As we all know, the Celtics were founded in the sixties, and perhaps because of their historical heritage, the jersey manufacturer even launched a 1925 version of the Celtics jersey.

1925 version of the Celtic jersey – showing the jersey in its most original form.

There is no team yet, but there is a jersey. The Celtic 1925 retro jersey is a retro version specially developed by the jersey manufacturer for the team, and their team, which has not even worn this jersey for the campaign. The design of that jersey is very simple, two stripes in the middle with a clover logo, which should be just in line with the concept of people’s minds at that time.

1963 version of the Celtics jersey – the first Celtics jersey officially unveiled

In the 60s, the Lakers replaced the original “LAKERS” with “Los Angeles”, while the Celtics had just put the word “BOSTON” on the chest. The Celtics had just put the word “BOSTON” on their chests. From the perspective of the jersey, the Celtics evolved at a much slower pace than the Lakers, and they seem to have a much simpler style, and until now they have only made minor changes to the color scheme and font.

Post 80s version of the Celtics jersey – almost no change, except for the color scheme

After the 80s, the Celtics jerseys did not change much, they dropped the black style and replaced it with a green and white color scheme, which is still used today. Because of the minimal changes, the Celtics jersey is a living fossil in the NBA jerseys today.