Durant asked to retire the jersey, the Warriors celebrities support him

Durant asked to retire the jersey, the Warriors celebrity support: he sacrificed his body and almost led the team to three consecutive championships

Although the regular season is nearing the end, the team playoff situation is not clear, but the Nets star Durant is still active in the network media. Recently, he accepted an interview with American media The ringer reporter Logan Moldo, in which he openly shouted at his former home Thunder and Warriors, asking them to retire their jerseys in the future.

Although the management of both the Thunder and Warriors did not speak out in response, Warriors star Chris Mullin expressed his support for Durant. He believes that Durant has worked hard during his three years with the Warriors, willingly sacrificing his health for the team and almost leading the team to achieve a three-peat.

Mullin, nicknamed the “Golden Left Hand”, is a legendary player in the Warriors’ history. He played 12 seasons in Golden State, during which he was selected as an All-Star five times, and was inducted into the Hall of Fame after his retirement, and his No. 17 jersey has been hung over the Warriors’ arena. Obviously, he still recognizes Durant’s accomplishments; however, a portion of Golden State’s local fans don’t think so.

Although Durant dedicated the peak of his career to the Golden State Warriors, he only played three seasons in Golden State, and like when he left the Thunder, Durant left the Warriors in an undignified manner. in the summer of 2019, the Warriors tried to renew Durant’s contract, but the latter avoided seeing the All-Star forward in New York until the team formed a luxury lobbying team led by Curry; but the two sides did not talk for long Durant closed the communication channel and left the Warriors with determination.

Those fans who don’t support the Warriors retiring Durant’s NBA jersey also have the argument that the Warriors were already a championship team before he arrived, which makes Durant’s two Finals MVPs not look as golden.

KD calls out thunder warriors for retiring his jersey, will he avoid KG’s fate?

KD calls out thunder warriors for retiring his jersey, will he avoid KG’s fate?

In the history of the NBA, only 2 players have been able to retire their jerseys in 3 teams, and now Durant wants to join them. In a recent interview with The Ringer reporter Logan Murdock, he said that both the Thunder and Warriors should retire his jersey, and if he continues to perform the way he is today in the next 4 or 5 years, the Nets should also have his NBA jersey retired on their schedule.

Only two players in the history of the NBA have ever retired their jerseys in three teams, one is the omnipotent Chamberlain, whose jersey was retired in the Warriors, 76ers and Lakers at the same time; the other is “Pistol” Pete Maravich, whose jersey has been retired by the Hawks and Jazz he played for. Later, after the Hornets moved to New Orleans, also retired Maravich’s jersey, so as to close the distance with the New Orleans fans.

In fact, O’Neal is also eligible to have his jersey retired in 3 teams. He has now retired his jersey in the Lakers and the Heat, and the Magic is slow to move.

There are also 2 people who have the opportunity to retire their jerseys in 3 teams, one is James and the other is Durant. James, who led three different teams to the championship, has the opportunity to retire his jersey with the Cavaliers, Heat and Lakers, while Durant, who has now played for three teams, also has the opportunity to enjoy this honor.

After all, Durant is the first regular season MVP in Thunder (Supersonics) history and led the team to the Finals in 2012. In addition, he was a four-time scoring champion, a seven-time All-Star and a six-time Best XI selection in Russia. In the Warriors, Durant won 2 championships and was elected MVP of the finals 2 times. there is no doubt that he is eligible to retire his jersey in these 2 teams. The company is also eligible to retire its jerseys in the Nets if it can lead the Nets to their first NBA championship in team history.

Interestingly, not long after Durant said, “If the Thunder did not retire my jersey, it would be harmful to the development of basketball,” the Thunder held an official event to recruit a number of old players, during the Thunder general manager Presti said the Thunder welcome the return of old players, no matter how long they have played here will be appreciated.

Of course, the chances of the three young Thunder returning to the Russian city that year are slim, but Presti’s words still give a glimpse of the possibility of reconciliation between them and Durant. After all, Durant had a falling out with the Thunder after leaving in 2016. James also returned to the Cavaliers in 2014, but Durant refused to return to the Thunder.

There is no shortage of precedents for not being able to enjoy jersey retirement due to bad relationships with teams (like Garnett and the Timberwolves), so let’s hope Durant and the Thunder don’t make the same mistake. Can Durant retire his jersey with 3 teams?

City Edition Jersey of Brooklyn Nets for NBA 2021-22 Season

City Edition Jersey of Brooklyn Nets for NBA 2021-22 Season

2021-22 City Edition Nets Jersey

The new jersey for this season were designed to incorporate different eras of the franchise, creating a modern look while paying homage to the totality of Nets history.

From the stars and stripes design of the Dr. J era, to the redesigned 1990s wordmark revived with last season’s Nike NBA Classic Edition jerseys, the argyle side panel of the consecutive NBA Finals teams in 2002 and 2003, and the influence of the distinctly styled herringbone court on the team’s uniforms in 2012, the 2021-22 Nike NBA City Edition Uniform honors the Nets’ legacy from New York to New Jersey and back, highlighting a sequence of recognizable looks.

76ers officially signed Deandre Jordan, wearing No. 9 jersey

76ers officially signed Deandre Jordan, wearing 76ers jersey #9

On March 4, the NBA free agency came back with the news that Deandre Jordan, who was previously cut by the Lakers, officially made a decision to finish signing with the 76ers after spending 48 hours in the clarification period.

Soon after, the 76ers officially announced the news of the signing, officially signing free agent Jordan Jr.

In order to sign Deandre Jordan, the 76ers also terminated the 10-day contract with Cauley-Stein early, and he can now sign with any team. Last offseason, after being bought out, Jordan Jr. joined the Lakers, but he gradually fell out of the rotation and was finally cut from the team. He has played 32 games for the Lakers this season, averaging 4.1 points and 5.4 rebounds in 12.8 minutes per game.

Deandre Jordan is no stranger to the 76ers, as Harden, who was just traded here, played with him for the Bucks. Head coach Rivers is also his former head coach, and it was under his coaching that he grew into an All-Star center (also with Paul’s credit).

After joining the 76ers, Deandre Jordan will also change his player number and will wear the number 9 jersey, which is also his new career number. The 76ers’ No. 6 jersey belonged to Julius Erving and was retired, so he had to change his number.

Deandre Jordan was able to join the 76ers this time as he wanted to, also thanks to the Lakers’ fulfillment. Due to the loss of a rotation spot with the Lakers, Jordan Jr. was also a bit less than desirable and eventually the two sides agreed and the Lakers cut him. Lakers head coach Vogel then revealed, “Jordan Jr. felt he could play a bigger role with the 76ers, so the Lakers were willing to be adult and give him this opportunity.”

This time Deandre Jordan joined the 76ers, which may also be his last chance to prove himself, once again abandoned, then he may really have to consider retirement.

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