NBA has a golden left hand of the 6 major right-handed players

NBA has a golden left hand of the 6 right-handed will, Kobe right finger fracture, forcing out the strongest left hand!

There is no shortage of left-handed gods in the NBA league, from the left-handed Mullin of God away from the period to the recent left-handed magician Odom, they all used their left hands to play a world, there is a legendary left-handed will probably no one thought, he is the Lord of the Rings Russell, the legendary star with 11 titles is also a left-handed player.

But there are many other strange people in the league who can make incredible goals with their left hand, even if their usual hand is right-handed, making people wonder if this is a lefty. Some of them are so gifted, others have developed their golden left-handed skills due to their own injury problems, while others are there to show how powerful they are.

To talk about pretend we all know Jordan’s closed-eye free throws, but we do not know that as a right-handed will Larry Bird once cut 47 points with his left hand, whether shooting, layups, passing or even grabbing rebounds are done with the left hand, that night he told the Trail Blazers what is called, as long as the left hand can beat you.

We all remember Maddie’s touching 35 seconds and 13 points, and Maddie is also a very balanced left and right-handed player, his switch-handed pull-ups, left-handed holding the ball single play is simply beautiful, and the most wonderful is undoubtedly in the Rockets period due to injuries to the right hand, offering their superb left hand, three points free throws all kinds of things can.

And a generation of passing masters Nash is also a man with a golden left hand, although it is a right-handed will, but in his passing time is not divided into left and right hands, whether with the left hand to hit the ground pass, or cross-man long pass, he can easily complete, so every time he encounters the package, his left hand can always find a way to live.

We all know that James shot with the right hand, but the hit rate has not been high, we all think it is James’s bad shooting, in fact, what we do not know is that James is a left-handed, just playing with the right hand with habit, may be this is the reason why his career shooting percentage has not been high. And James in the early years of the knight, frequent breakthroughs under the basket will use the left hand to complete the layup, is also confirmed this point.

Kobe has always been a paranoid person, there is nothing he can’t do, only things you can’t think of, of course Kobe is not a left-handed person. But Kobe has the ability to interoperate with his left and right hands, and this is also hard because of the right hand finger fracture forced out, whether it is a turnaround jumper, or a breakaway layup or even a free throw, Kobe can use his left hand to complete, this is the spirit of Mamba.

Lakers retired microphone jerseys, one person’s jersey was retired by 3 teams

Lakers retired microphone jerseys, one person’s jersey was retired by 3 teams

In the NBA, jersey retirement is a supreme honor for players. When a team retires a player’s jersey, it shows their high recognition of the player’s contribution to the team, so they have to seal the player’s jersey permanently to show their appreciation and respect for the player. For example, the NBA’s number one team, the Celtics, have retired as many as 21 NBA jerseys due to their illustrious team history, resulting in players who later joined the Green Army often facing the situation of no jerseys to choose from. And there have been many special stories about NBA teams retiring their jerseys.

Aldridge wore the Spurs’ retired No. 12 jersey

Since entering the league in 2006, Ade has always played in the No. 12 jersey. And when he joined the Spurs in 2015, he found out that the Spurs’ No. 12 jersey had long been retired three years ago and it was owned by Bruce Bowen. Spurs general manager RC Buford then called Bowen first to ask if he could let Ade wear his No. 12 jersey. And Bowen showed great generosity, saying he didn’t mind Ade wearing his No. 12 Spurs jersey and hoped he could help Ade integrate into the Spurs as soon as possible by doing so. After that, Ade wore the Spurs’ already retired No. 12 jersey until today.

Chamberlain retired his jersey in 3 teams

Chamberlain has played for the Warriors, 76ers and Lakers in his career, and has achieved very good results with all 3 teams, so all 3 teams have coincidentally retired his No. 13 jersey. The only player in the history of the NBA to have his jersey retired in 3 teams.

Kobe retired 2 numbers in a team

Chamberlain retired his jersey in 3 teams rare enough, and Kobe retired 2 numbers in one team is also the only one in history. He played in the Lakers for 20 years, the first 10 years wearing No. 8 jersey, the next 10 years wearing No. 24 jersey, and 2 numbers have achieved very high achievements, no matter which number retired, the other number will not have the next person dare to wear, so the Lakers simply retired all the 2 numbers of Kobe. Kobe also became the first person in the history of the NBA to retire 2 numbers in the same team.

Heat retired Jordan No. 23 jersey

In April 2003, when Jordan visited the American Airlines Arena for the last time as a player, Pat Riley, in front of Jordan, hung a jersey made of the Bulls’ No. 23 and the Wizards’ No. 23 over the American Airlines Arena to show his respect for Jordan. Jordan became the only player in NBA history to have his jersey retired without having played for a team.

Jazz retired jersey No. 1223

The NBA jersey number is only 0-100, the reason why there will be 1223 this jersey number is actually the Utah Jazz in order to pay tribute to the team’s history of meritorious coach Jerry Sloan. The veteran coach in the 23 years of coaching the team, led the team to 1223 wins ranked third in NBA history, but also the highest number of wins coaching the same team in history. To thank Sloan for his contributions to the team, the Jazz made a jersey with Sloan’s name on it, number 1223, to hang over the Energy Solutions Center. So this jersey we can also understand is the Jazz will Sloan’s 1223 jersey retired.

Lakers retired microphone jersey

Unlike the Celtics, the Lakers, as another great powerhouse in NBA history, are very selective about jersey retirements. The Lakers have only retired 12 jerseys so far in the case of such superstars emerging from the team’s history, and one of them is particularly special. This jersey does not have a number, instead of a microphone pattern, this is the Lakers in memory of the late legendary commentator, the “Voice of the Lakers” Chick Hearn. Starting in 1965, Chick Hearn played a record 3,338 non-stop games over a 36-year period. Today’s common basketball terms like triple dip and dunk came from Chick Hearn. To thank Chick Hearn for his outstanding contributions to commentary, the Lakers paid tribute to Chick Hearn by retiring a microphone jersey, which became one of the most special jerseys retired in the history of the NBA.

Lakers No. 8 jersey is who wears, the Lakers team history 5 championship credit, averaging 35.4 points NBA scoring king

Lakers No. 8 jersey and No.24 jersey is Kobe.

The Lakers No. 8 jersey is one of the jersey numbers worn by Lakers legend Kobe Bryant in his NBA career, and Kobe played for the Lakers for all 20 seasons of his NBA career, including 10 seasons wearing the Lakers No. 8 jersey and 10 seasons wearing the No. 24 jersey. In the two in a different number of 10 seasons, Kobe have made outstanding personal contributions to the Lakers, Kobe in the Lakers career wore No. 8 and No. 24 jerseys are retired by the Lakers jerseys.

Wearing No. 8 Kobe, young and explosive, wearing No. 8 in 10 seasons, Kobe played 707 games for the Lakers, a total of 16866 points, 3634 rebounds, 3148 assists, 1059 steals and 431 caps of personal data, personal data performance is quite outstanding, wearing No. 8 jersey in 10 seasons, Kobe has 7 seasons of the average score more than In the 2005-2006 season, Kobe averaged 35.4 points per game, the highest season average scoring record in his NBA career, and his powerful offensive firepower was undoubtedly on display.

In the 10 seasons of No. 8 career, Kobe and shark O’Neill formed OK combination is rebuke the entire NBA league, the two during the partnership, four times led the Lakers into the NBA finals, which helped the Lakers achieve three consecutive championship dynasty dominance, looking at the history of the NBA only three teams to achieve the great achievement of three consecutive championships, one of the teams is led by Kobe and O’Neill Lakers.

In the 2005-2006 season, wearing the No. 8 jersey, Kobe in the regular season game against the Raptors, blasted down the highest personal scoring record of 81 points in a single game, second only to the 100 points set by the basketball emperor Chamberlain in the history of the NBA, Kobe shot 28 of 46, 7 of 13 from three-point range, 18 of 20 from the free throw line, Kobe scored 26 points in the whole first half, but in the third quarter The first half of the game Kobe scored 26 points, but in the third and fourth quarter of the game, Kobe cut 27 and 28 points in a single quarter scoring feat, staged a personal crazy scoring performance show, Kobe with a personal single game 81 points scoring performance proved the comprehensiveness of his offensive skills.

In the entire NBA career, whether wearing the No. 8 jersey or No. 24 NBA jersey, Kobe has written his own brilliant moments with his wonderful personal data performance, wearing the No. 8 jersey Kobe in the style of play more explosive, more passionate performance on the field.

Who wore the Lakers No. 24 jersey

1. Kobe changed his jersey number from #8 to #24 in the 2006-07 season. He wore jersey number 24 in high school. But after joining the Lakers in 1996, George McLeod’s #24 jersey was changed to #8. Kobe re-donned the No. 24 jersey in the 2006 season. Since then, he has led his team to the finals three times, won two championships, one regular season MVP, and two finals MVPs.

2. Many people think Kobe is because he wants to surpass Jordan 23. but Kobe thinks 24 hours is 24 hours. He wants to devote himself to basketball. I think Kobe’s explanation makes a lot of sense. He has always considered Jordan as a goal to surpass, something everyone knows, and he prefers to express his desire with his actions. If that were the case, Kobe would not need to use the “number advantage” to prove that he is better than Jordan. Kobe is not good at using such tactics.

3. American basketball player, playing guard Kobe Bryant, known as “Peter Pan”, “Black Mamba”, is the best player in the history of the NBA. He is also the closest person to Jordan. Kobe once scored 81 points in a single game and was an offensive jack-of-all-trades. He joined the Lakers in 1996, won five championships, scored twice, and played in 18 All-Star games before retiring in April 2016. In the NBA Hall of Fame in 2020. He died unexpectedly in a helicopter crash on January 26 of this year at the age of 41.

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How many jerseys retired by Lakers ?

11 Retired lakers jerseys

Let’s tallk about the following NBA jerseys retired by Lakers over the years.

  1. Wilt Chamberlain: #13 jersey

Chamberlain had played for the Lakers for five seasons and helped the team get one championship, he is also the only player to do 30+20 in a single season, and he did it seven times, his this record in now nobody can break.

2. Elgin Baylor:# 22 jersey

Elgin Baylor played all 14 seasons of his career for the Lakers. Baylor made 846 career appearances, averaging 27.4 points, 13.5 rebounds and 4.3 assists per game. He won one championship and is also the Lakers’ all-time rebounding leader.

3. Gail Goodrich:# 25 jersey

Goodrich played nine seasons for the Lakers and was part of the core of the 1971-1972 championship. In 1996 Goodrich was inducted into the Hall of Fame and in November of that year the Lakers retired his jersey.

4. Earvin Johnson:#32 jersey

Earvin Johnson has played for the Lakers for 13 seasons of his career, winning 5 championships, 3 regular season MVPs, 3 Finals MVPs, 12 All-Stars, 10 Best XI’s, and is still the only player with a rookie season FMVP, and is known as the greatest point guard of all time.

5. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar :#33 jersey

Jabbar played 14 seasons for the Lakers, helping them win five championships, 19 career All-Stars, 15 Best XI’s, and is also the NBA’s all-time scoring leader.

6. Shaquille O’Neal :#34 jersey

O’Neal’s career for the Lakers for eight seasons, he and Kobe composed of the OK combination is unstoppable, won three consecutive championships at the same time, there are three FMVP.

7. James Worthy :#42 jersey

He played 12 seasons for the Lakers, averaging 17.6 points and 5.1 rebounds per game in his career, and won three championships.

8. Jerry West :#44 jersey

Jerry West basketball career 14 seasons have played for the Lakers, career 9 times to kill the finals, but unfortunately met the Celtics dynasty, career only 1 championship, but also the only defeated FMVP winner.

9. Jamaal Wilkes :#52 jersey

He won four NBA championships, was named to the NBA All-Star team five times, and was twice named to the NBA’s second-team best defensive team. At the end of 1985, at the age of 32, Jamal Wilkes announced his retirement. Jamal Wilkes was a Hall of Famer for the Los Angeles Lakers in the 1980s, winning four NBA championships in his career, including three with the Lakers.

10. Kobe Bryant :#8 & #24 jersey

Kobe career 20 seasons are playing for the Lakers, in these 20 years, Kobe for the Lakers brought five championships, the fourth place in the NBA historical scoring list, for the Lakers brought countless fans, the only one in the NBA to enjoy the retirement of two pieces of players.

the Purple and Gold Jersey of Lakers – the Top Classic Jersey among NBA Jerseys

the Purple and Gold Jersey of Lakers – the Top Classic Jersey among NBA Jerseys

The lakers classic purple and golden jersey:

The Lakers were founded in Minneapolis in 1947 and moved to Los Angeles in 1960. In fact, the Lakers have another alias, the Purple and Gold, which is related to the color of their home jerseys.

Before the 1960s, George McKeon led the Minnesota Lakers to five NBA championships. At the time, the Lakers wore white jerseys at home and yellow jerseys with light blue trim on the road. As the team moved to the West Coast, the color of the jerseys changed from light blue to a darker navy blue.

In the late 1960s, the Lakers changed their jerseys to the later very famous gold and purple matching jerseys, while on the road, white jerseys with gold lettering were used.

By 1980, the Lakers made some minor adjustments to their jerseys, with gold continuing to be used on the home jerseys, while the “LAKERS” letters and numbers on the jerseys were in lavender, and the away jerseys were blue shirts with yellow lettering and yellow numbers, which appeared to be one size smaller than the home gold jerseys. But the Magic Johnson still wear this jersey won five championships.

After Shark O’Neal came to the Lakers, the team started using gold jerseys with white numbers and letters at home, while the sides of the jerseys were still decorated with gold stripes. Wearing this suit, O’Neal brought the team three championships.

And in recent seasons, the Lakers have played a few games at home each season wearing white jerseys with purple lettering and numbers on them.

Today let’s talk about the classic jersey of Lakers which released for NBA 2020-21 season

NBA 2020-21 Lakers Blue Classic Edition Jersey

Lakers 2020-21 Classic Edition Jerseys:

NBA teams are allowed to wear old jerseys during a season to commemorate a milestone season, and it appears that the jerseys will be worn next season to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the 1960-61 season when the Minneapolis Lakers moved to Los Angeles, according to a report from Legion Hoops, a prominent local media outlet.

In response Lakers veteran Josh Hart said on social: “Ugh, I’m still in the Lakers that would like to wear this jersey, now too bad, this jersey is cool.” Hart was drafted by the Lakers in 2017 2018-19 off-season in a trade for the Browns, was sent to the Pelicans, and this season can play an average of 10.2 points + 6.5 rebounds + 1.6 assists per game.

And in the 2018-19 playoffs, the Lakers then once again enabled the Black Mamba jersey, also in memory of the famous Kobe who died because of a helicopter accident. In the three games where the Lakers wore the Black Mamba jersey, the Lakers won all three games, including a three-point shutout by the Browns! Not surprisingly, we will also see the appearance of the Black Mamba jersey again in the finals.

On paper, the Lakers are better than the Heat. But compared to the Nuggets, the Heat’s roster is more targeted at the Lakers, and their front line and outside ability is something the Lakers need to address. Iguodala and James is also an old rival, and Riley once sarcastically in James left the Heat in 2014 when the latter made the worst mistake of his career, James but in 2016 led the knight to win the title on the face of Riley. It can be said that this finals for James, it means a lot!