NBA has a golden left hand of the 6 major right-handed players

NBA has a golden left hand of the 6 right-handed will, Kobe right finger fracture, forcing out the strongest left hand!

There is no shortage of left-handed gods in the NBA league, from the left-handed Mullin of God away from the period to the recent left-handed magician Odom, they all used their left hands to play a world, there is a legendary left-handed will probably no one thought, he is the Lord of the Rings Russell, the legendary star with 11 titles is also a left-handed player.

But there are many other strange people in the league who can make incredible goals with their left hand, even if their usual hand is right-handed, making people wonder if this is a lefty. Some of them are so gifted, others have developed their golden left-handed skills due to their own injury problems, while others are there to show how powerful they are.

To talk about pretend we all know Jordan’s closed-eye free throws, but we do not know that as a right-handed will Larry Bird once cut 47 points with his left hand, whether shooting, layups, passing or even grabbing rebounds are done with the left hand, that night he told the Trail Blazers what is called, as long as the left hand can beat you.

We all remember Maddie’s touching 35 seconds and 13 points, and Maddie is also a very balanced left and right-handed player, his switch-handed pull-ups, left-handed holding the ball single play is simply beautiful, and the most wonderful is undoubtedly in the Rockets period due to injuries to the right hand, offering their superb left hand, three points free throws all kinds of things can.

And a generation of passing masters Nash is also a man with a golden left hand, although it is a right-handed will, but in his passing time is not divided into left and right hands, whether with the left hand to hit the ground pass, or cross-man long pass, he can easily complete, so every time he encounters the package, his left hand can always find a way to live.

We all know that James shot with the right hand, but the hit rate has not been high, we all think it is James’s bad shooting, in fact, what we do not know is that James is a left-handed, just playing with the right hand with habit, may be this is the reason why his career shooting percentage has not been high. And James in the early years of the knight, frequent breakthroughs under the basket will use the left hand to complete the layup, is also confirmed this point.

Kobe has always been a paranoid person, there is nothing he can’t do, only things you can’t think of, of course Kobe is not a left-handed person. But Kobe has the ability to interoperate with his left and right hands, and this is also hard because of the right hand finger fracture forced out, whether it is a turnaround jumper, or a breakaway layup or even a free throw, Kobe can use his left hand to complete, this is the spirit of Mamba.

Today let’s talk about the classic jersey of Lakers which released for NBA 2020-21 season

NBA 2020-21 Lakers Blue Classic Edition Jersey

Lakers 2020-21 Classic Edition Jerseys:

NBA teams are allowed to wear old jerseys during a season to commemorate a milestone season, and it appears that the jerseys will be worn next season to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the 1960-61 season when the Minneapolis Lakers moved to Los Angeles, according to a report from Legion Hoops, a prominent local media outlet.

In response Lakers veteran Josh Hart said on social: “Ugh, I’m still in the Lakers that would like to wear this jersey, now too bad, this jersey is cool.” Hart was drafted by the Lakers in 2017 2018-19 off-season in a trade for the Browns, was sent to the Pelicans, and this season can play an average of 10.2 points + 6.5 rebounds + 1.6 assists per game.

And in the 2018-19 playoffs, the Lakers then once again enabled the Black Mamba jersey, also in memory of the famous Kobe who died because of a helicopter accident. In the three games where the Lakers wore the Black Mamba jersey, the Lakers won all three games, including a three-point shutout by the Browns! Not surprisingly, we will also see the appearance of the Black Mamba jersey again in the finals.

On paper, the Lakers are better than the Heat. But compared to the Nuggets, the Heat’s roster is more targeted at the Lakers, and their front line and outside ability is something the Lakers need to address. Iguodala and James is also an old rival, and Riley once sarcastically in James left the Heat in 2014 when the latter made the worst mistake of his career, James but in 2016 led the knight to win the title on the face of Riley. It can be said that this finals for James, it means a lot!