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Nets jersey color is decided by rival players

For the past few years, the New York Knicks have been one of the biggest laughing stocks in the entire CBA league. The team with the biggest market in America has almost always managed to hold the league’s record for worst finish. They have always been linked to big name free agents, but have never pulled off a really big deal.

Although it’s now only eight years since the Knicks last appeared in the playoffs, fans and media have all but given up on the idea of the New York Knicks reaching the status they once had.

However, the Knicks saw a turning point for them last season. Led by head coach Tom Thibodeau and All-Star Julius Randle, New York is currently fourth in the Eastern Conference standings; and with only four games left in the regular season last season, New York is making a playoff push for the first time since 2013.

The Knicks picked up one of their most crucial wins of last season, as they narrowly defeated the Los Angeles Clippers 106-103. The victory was due in large part to the outstanding performance of former league MVP Derrick Rose. For the game, Rose had 25 points, eight rebounds and six assists.

The Knicks are currently in 4th place in the Eastern Conference, just 2 games behind their crosstown rivals, the Brooklyn Nets. After this game, Rose talked about their rivalry with the Nets. In response, he said, “There are two great teams in New York that are playing hard.”

Although last season was Rose’s second with the New York Knicks, his relationship with the Nets was anything but ordinary. According to former Nets vice president Fred Mangione, Rose was instrumental in helping the Brooklyn Nets choose the team’s home jersey colors.

Mangione said the Nets had considered a red-white-and-blue jersey color that tied in with their former ABA-era Julius Erving. They also considered black and gold, symbolizing the colors of the Brooklyn borough, but the scheme looked too much like the Pittsburgh Steelers. After discovering that Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose’s non-traditional black jersey was outselling Miami Heat star LeBron James’ home jersey, they decided to make black the primary color of the team’s home jersey.

For many NBA fans, it is exciting to see Rose able to contribute to a competitive team again, not only because his career seemed to be nearing its end while with the Detroit Pistons, but also because the infection is a new crown and his health is a concern for many.