New city edition jersey for NBA 2021-22 Season IV

the city edition NBA jerseys of the league’s Western Conference Pacific Division for NBA 2021-22 75th Anniversary season.

Let’s have a look at the city edition NBA jerseys of the league’s Western Conference Pacific Division for NBA 2021-22 75th Anniversary season.

This city edition uniforms help fuel the celebration of the league’s 75th anniversary season, They features a textured black fabric, signifying the strength of our legacy with splashes of the Warriors’s iconic blue and yellow and Features a hidden drop of water on the matching City Edition shorts, honoring a pair of the greatest shooters in NBA history. They are imprinted with a subtle pattern representing the ceiling at Oracle Arena. These stripes on these uniforms become a throwback to the fast-paced Warriors squads of the early ’90s.

The uniform is meant to represent the Kings’ long history, from Rochester to Cincinnati to Kansas City and finally to Sacramento. The black base is meant to represent the will and determination of Sacramento, while the jersey features a script woodmark that has been part of the franchise from the start. Throughout the uniform, the Kings are honoring the past and present. The waistband features a new version of the Rochester Royals logo but in purple and black. At the same time, “Sactown” is written across the chest, adopting a new nickname for their home. 

This City Edition jersey follows the traditional design of V-neckline with the team’s initials, player numbers and colorful Nike logo on the front of this blue jersey. as well as with orange and white stripes on the collar and cuffs. The team was founded in 1970 in Buffalo, then moved to San Diego in 1978 to become the Clippers, and then to Los Angeles in 1984. The jersey incorporates the team’s classic colors from many eras, namely soft blue, orange and white, and features the classic “Clippers” logo in grass. Besids, this jersey was sedigned to honor the year of NBA 75th Anniversary.

The team’s design pays homage to each decade of Lakers dynasties, highlighted by the team’s Laker Purple that began in the 1960s. The design features specific callbacks to each decade, ranging from the iconic Minneapolis blue color to the triangular name design of the 60s, to the drop shadow numbering of the Showtime Lakers as each era of the Lakers has a specific callback.

The City Edition jersey features a black base with a purple border, accented by a gradient mosaic of purple, red, orange and yellow in the middle, and a pixelated desert scene of downtown Phoenix printed on the chest of the city edition jersey with the words “The Valley”.

the most retired jerseys of the five teams in NBA

the most retired jerseys of the five teams in NBA, they are Kings jerseys, Blazers Jerseys, Lakers Jeseys, Celtics Jerseys and Pistons Jerseys.

In the NBA, for a team to retire a player’s jersey number, there are many considerations, such as whether the player has contributed enough or has enough influence. It is a big deal for the team to retire the jersey. Today, let’s look at the five teams that have retired the most NBA jerseys in the NBA so far.

Sacramento Kings, the number of retired jerseys is 11. The Kings had won the NBA championship as the Rochester Royals in the 1950-1951 season, but have not broken any ground since then until now, but the number of its retired jerseys also reached as many as 11, namely No. 1 Nate Archibald, No. 2 Mitch Richmond, No. 4 Chris Webber, No. 6 (spectator), No. 11 Bob Davies, No. 12 Maurice Stokes, #14 Oscar Robertson, #16 Peja Stojakovic, #21 Vlad Divac, #27 Jack Twyman, and #44 Sam Lacey.

Detroit Pistons, the number of retired jerseys 11. The Pistons have won the NBA championship three times in their history, and there have been many outstanding players such as Thomas “The Smiling Assassin”, Dumars, Billups, etc. The 11 jerseys retired by the Pistons are #1 Chancey Billups, #2 Chuck Daly, #3 Ben Wallace, #4 Joe Dumars, #10 Dennis Rodman, No. 11 Isaiah Thomas, No. 15 Willie Johnson, No. 16 Bob Lanier, No. 21 Dave Bing, No. 32 Richard Hamilton, and No. 40 Bill Lambier.

Portland Trail Blazers, retired jerseys number 11. The Trail Blazers won an NBA championship in the 1976-77 season under the leadership of Bill Walton, and had players such as “Glider” Drexler on the team. Tavodzik, No. 14 Lionel Hollins, No. 15 Larry Steele, No. 20 Maurice Lucas, No. 22 Clyde Drexler, No. 30 Bob Gross, Terry Porter (two players), No. 32 Bill Walton, No. 36 Lloyd Nell, No. 45 Joff Patry, No. 77 Jack Ramsey (head coach).

Los Angeles Lakers, the number of retired jerseys 11. As the league’s top powerhouse team, the Lakers have an extremely strong heritage and have won 16 championships in team history. The retired jerseys are #8 and #24 Kobe Bryant, #13 Wilt Chamberlain, #22 Elgin Baylor, #25 Gail Goodrich, #32 Elvin Johnson, #33 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, #34 Shaquille O’Neal , No. 42 James Worthy, No. 44 Jerry West, No. 52 Jamal Wilkes.

Boston Celtics, the number of retired jerseys 22. As the team with the most number of championships in the league, the “Green Army” Celtics have produced many superstars, and the number of retired jerseys has reached 22, namely #00 Robert Parrish, #1 Walter Brown, #2 Arnold Auerbach, #3 Dennis Johnson, #6 Bill Russell, #10 No. Joe Joe White, No. 14 Bob Cousy, No. 15 Tom Heinsohn, No. 16 Tom Sanders, No. 17 John Havlicek, No. 18 Dave Cowens, Jim Luskatov (two players), No. 19 Don Nelson, No. 21 Bill Sharman, No. 22 Edward McCauley, No. 23 Frank Ramsey, No. 24 Sam Jones, No. 25 K. C -Jones, #31 Cedric Maxwell, #32 Kevin McHale, #33 Larry Bird, #34 Paul Pierce, #35 Reggie Lewis, Johnny Most (two players).