NBA has a golden left hand of the 6 major right-handed players

NBA has a golden left hand of the 6 right-handed will, Kobe right finger fracture, forcing out the strongest left hand!

There is no shortage of left-handed gods in the NBA league, from the left-handed Mullin of God away from the period to the recent left-handed magician Odom, they all used their left hands to play a world, there is a legendary left-handed will probably no one thought, he is the Lord of the Rings Russell, the legendary star with 11 titles is also a left-handed player.

But there are many other strange people in the league who can make incredible goals with their left hand, even if their usual hand is right-handed, making people wonder if this is a lefty. Some of them are so gifted, others have developed their golden left-handed skills due to their own injury problems, while others are there to show how powerful they are.

To talk about pretend we all know Jordan’s closed-eye free throws, but we do not know that as a right-handed will Larry Bird once cut 47 points with his left hand, whether shooting, layups, passing or even grabbing rebounds are done with the left hand, that night he told the Trail Blazers what is called, as long as the left hand can beat you.

We all remember Maddie’s touching 35 seconds and 13 points, and Maddie is also a very balanced left and right-handed player, his switch-handed pull-ups, left-handed holding the ball single play is simply beautiful, and the most wonderful is undoubtedly in the Rockets period due to injuries to the right hand, offering their superb left hand, three points free throws all kinds of things can.

And a generation of passing masters Nash is also a man with a golden left hand, although it is a right-handed will, but in his passing time is not divided into left and right hands, whether with the left hand to hit the ground pass, or cross-man long pass, he can easily complete, so every time he encounters the package, his left hand can always find a way to live.

We all know that James shot with the right hand, but the hit rate has not been high, we all think it is James’s bad shooting, in fact, what we do not know is that James is a left-handed, just playing with the right hand with habit, may be this is the reason why his career shooting percentage has not been high. And James in the early years of the knight, frequent breakthroughs under the basket will use the left hand to complete the layup, is also confirmed this point.

Kobe has always been a paranoid person, there is nothing he can’t do, only things you can’t think of, of course Kobe is not a left-handed person. But Kobe has the ability to interoperate with his left and right hands, and this is also hard because of the right hand finger fracture forced out, whether it is a turnaround jumper, or a breakaway layup or even a free throw, Kobe can use his left hand to complete, this is the spirit of Mamba.

Warriors coach dissatisfied with Wiggins

Warriors coach dissatisfied with Wiggins: players should do their best when they put on the jersey!

The Golden State Warriors have been struggling a bit lately, as the Warriors, who were in second place in the West, are now struggling to hold on to third place in the West. The Warriors’ roster is not weak this season, but the lack of momentum at the beginning of the season after soaring, losing has become the norm, making many Warriors fans worry that the team will not playoff rounds.

The team’s current predicament has led many people to point the finger at Wiggins, as the season’s All-Star starter, Wiggins from the All-Star again began to play health basketball. The average of 18 points clocked off, originally in Curry and Green injury should carry the team when he, now back to his in the Timberwolves when the “thermos in the goji berry” state.

Mike Brown, who is an assistant coach with the Warriors, expressed his displeasure during a recent visit to the Warriors’ loss: “I think players should compete to the best of their ability on the court as long as they put on the NBA jersey, but some times it just doesn’t work out that way.”

Fans know that Mike Brown is talking about Wiggins.

Wiggins’ talent is recognized, as a first-round pick he also played a great performance, but he entered the league 8 years, except for the contract season basically did not prove himself, originally at the beginning of the season fans thought he had finally lost his way, but now he is open to swing again.

Wiggins’ current state makes the Warriors’ championship possibilities much less likely, plus Wiggins’ value has increased after being selected as an All-Star, and will certainly seek a big contract next season, but Warriors management clearly does not want to invest in Wiggins anymore, and Wiggins is likely to be traded next season.

The most pitiful or Warriors fans, originally thought that the arrival of Wiggins brought hope to the team, the result is now only disappointment, plus Curry is another year older, the championship is still far away.

KD calls out thunder warriors for retiring his jersey, will he avoid KG’s fate?

KD calls out thunder warriors for retiring his jersey, will he avoid KG’s fate?

In the history of the NBA, only 2 players have been able to retire their jerseys in 3 teams, and now Durant wants to join them. In a recent interview with The Ringer reporter Logan Murdock, he said that both the Thunder and Warriors should retire his jersey, and if he continues to perform the way he is today in the next 4 or 5 years, the Nets should also have his NBA jersey retired on their schedule.

Only two players in the history of the NBA have ever retired their jerseys in three teams, one is the omnipotent Chamberlain, whose jersey was retired in the Warriors, 76ers and Lakers at the same time; the other is “Pistol” Pete Maravich, whose jersey has been retired by the Hawks and Jazz he played for. Later, after the Hornets moved to New Orleans, also retired Maravich’s jersey, so as to close the distance with the New Orleans fans.

In fact, O’Neal is also eligible to have his jersey retired in 3 teams. He has now retired his jersey in the Lakers and the Heat, and the Magic is slow to move.

There are also 2 people who have the opportunity to retire their jerseys in 3 teams, one is James and the other is Durant. James, who led three different teams to the championship, has the opportunity to retire his jersey with the Cavaliers, Heat and Lakers, while Durant, who has now played for three teams, also has the opportunity to enjoy this honor.

After all, Durant is the first regular season MVP in Thunder (Supersonics) history and led the team to the Finals in 2012. In addition, he was a four-time scoring champion, a seven-time All-Star and a six-time Best XI selection in Russia. In the Warriors, Durant won 2 championships and was elected MVP of the finals 2 times. there is no doubt that he is eligible to retire his jersey in these 2 teams. The company is also eligible to retire its jerseys in the Nets if it can lead the Nets to their first NBA championship in team history.

Interestingly, not long after Durant said, “If the Thunder did not retire my jersey, it would be harmful to the development of basketball,” the Thunder held an official event to recruit a number of old players, during the Thunder general manager Presti said the Thunder welcome the return of old players, no matter how long they have played here will be appreciated.

Of course, the chances of the three young Thunder returning to the Russian city that year are slim, but Presti’s words still give a glimpse of the possibility of reconciliation between them and Durant. After all, Durant had a falling out with the Thunder after leaving in 2016. James also returned to the Cavaliers in 2014, but Durant refused to return to the Thunder.

There is no shortage of precedents for not being able to enjoy jersey retirement due to bad relationships with teams (like Garnett and the Timberwolves), so let’s hope Durant and the Thunder don’t make the same mistake. Can Durant retire his jersey with 3 teams?

Curry was presented with commemorative jersey No. 2974 

Curry was presented with commemorative jersey No. 2974 after the game and again with Aaron Miller

Curry was crowned the NBA’s all-time three-point king as the Warriors defeated the Knicks. In this game, Ray Allen and Reggie Miller, who are former record holders, both came to the scene to witness Curry’s legendary moment with everyone, and they exchanged pleasantries and posed for a photo before the game.

2974 Curry NBA jerseys

Milestone moment 2974 goals! Curry enjoys the throne of the all-time three-point king with only 789 games to break the record.

After the game, Curry was presented with a Warriors jersey with a back number of 2974 to commemorate his 2974 three-pointers to top the all-time three-point list. He picked up the jersey and took a photo with Allen and Miller again.

Paul Millsap switches to No. 31 Jersey in Nets for 2021-22 season III

Paul Millsap switches to No. 31 Jersey in Nets for 2021-22 season

September 19, 2021, after Millsap joined the Nets, the outside world has been announced jersey number 4, because in the past in the Hawks and Nuggets period, Millsap is wearing the number 4 jersey, so, logically, in the Nets will also wear the number 4 jersey.

For this reason, the Nets 2018 young player Jevon Carter volunteered to give up the No. 4 jersey, b season wearing No. 0 jersey, giving Millsap enough respect, but the latest news, jersey reporter Etienne Catalan sunshine Millsap’s new season jersey jersey, he will change to wear a No. 31 jersey.

Millsap changed to wear No. 31 NBA jersey in the new season, I have to say, this is a kind of reborn, 4-time All-Star player to open his career for the 16th season, and is the Nets so powerful team, natural hope for a change, can help the team to win the

Nets Jerseys

As there is no championship for Millsap, this season joined the Nets, is the hope to be able to get a championship, so as to make their careers complete, last season in the Nuggets, with the growth of small Porter, Millsap’s playing time was reduced, and therefore, Millsap is a bit belittled.

So, Millsap chose to leave the Nuggets and averaged 20.8 minutes per game last season, averaging 9 points, 4.7 rebounds and 1.8 assists per game. Obviously, this is not the real level of Millsap, this season to join the Nets, Millsap will prove his treasure knife.

Nets team history retired jerseys

Nets team history retired jerseys

On October 17, 2013, before the Nets’ NBA preseason game against the Heat, the Nets officially retired the No. 5 jersey of the team’s former All-Star point guard and current team head coach Jason Kidd. Former Nets president Thorne attended Kidd’s NBA jersey retirement ceremony, where he highly praised the current Nets head coach.

Kidd’s former teammates Marshall and Kittles were also present at his jersey retirement ceremony, to which Kidd said with deep emotion, “I hope you guys understand that when my jersey goes up, I think our jerseys all go up together.”

Kidd spent six and a half valuable seasons with the Nets, averaging 14.6 points, 9.1 assists and 7.2 rebounds per game for the team. In his first season with the Nets, he helped the team to a surprising 52-30 record. In total, Kidd played in 506 regular season games and 78 playoff games with the Nets. Under Kidd’s leadership, the Nets made team history by playing over a 50 percent winning percentage for six consecutive years, and with Kidd’s help, the Nets made the playoffs every time, including two trips to the finals.

Kidd’s No. 5 is the seventh jersey retired in Bucks history, with the previous retired numbers being: (No. 3) Drazen Petrovic, (No. 4) Wendell Rand, (No. 23) John Williams, (No. 25) Bill Melcioni, No. 32 (Julius Erving), and (No. 52) Buck Williams.

Nets retired Jerseys

Unexpected: Nets jersey color is decided by rival players

Nets jersey color is decided by rival players

For the past few years, the New York Knicks have been one of the biggest laughing stocks in the entire CBA league. The team with the biggest market in America has almost always managed to hold the league’s record for worst finish. They have always been linked to big name free agents, but have never pulled off a really big deal.

Although it’s now only eight years since the Knicks last appeared in the playoffs, fans and media have all but given up on the idea of the New York Knicks reaching the status they once had.

However, the Knicks saw a turning point for them last season. Led by head coach Tom Thibodeau and All-Star Julius Randle, New York is currently fourth in the Eastern Conference standings; and with only four games left in the regular season last season, New York is making a playoff push for the first time since 2013.

The Knicks picked up one of their most crucial wins of last season, as they narrowly defeated the Los Angeles Clippers 106-103. The victory was due in large part to the outstanding performance of former league MVP Derrick Rose. For the game, Rose had 25 points, eight rebounds and six assists.

The Knicks are currently in 4th place in the Eastern Conference, just 2 games behind their crosstown rivals, the Brooklyn Nets. After this game, Rose talked about their rivalry with the Nets. In response, he said, “There are two great teams in New York that are playing hard.”

Although last season was Rose’s second with the New York Knicks, his relationship with the Nets was anything but ordinary. According to former Nets vice president Fred Mangione, Rose was instrumental in helping the Brooklyn Nets choose the team’s home jersey colors.

Mangione said the Nets had considered a red-white-and-blue jersey color that tied in with their former ABA-era Julius Erving. They also considered black and gold, symbolizing the colors of the Brooklyn borough, but the scheme looked too much like the Pittsburgh Steelers. After discovering that Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose’s non-traditional black jersey was outselling Miami Heat star LeBron James’ home jersey, they decided to make black the primary color of the team’s home jersey.

For many NBA fans, it is exciting to see Rose able to contribute to a competitive team again, not only because his career seemed to be nearing its end while with the Detroit Pistons, but also because the infection is a new crown and his health is a concern for many.

City Edition Jersey of Brooklyn Nets for NBA 2021-22 Season

City Edition Jersey of Brooklyn Nets for NBA 2021-22 Season

2021-22 City Edition Nets Jersey

The new jersey for this season were designed to incorporate different eras of the franchise, creating a modern look while paying homage to the totality of Nets history.

From the stars and stripes design of the Dr. J era, to the redesigned 1990s wordmark revived with last season’s Nike NBA Classic Edition jerseys, the argyle side panel of the consecutive NBA Finals teams in 2002 and 2003, and the influence of the distinctly styled herringbone court on the team’s uniforms in 2012, the 2021-22 Nike NBA City Edition Uniform honors the Nets’ legacy from New York to New Jersey and back, highlighting a sequence of recognizable looks.

Evaluation of the last ten years of the top ten classic jerseys

Evaluation of the last ten years of the top ten classic jerseys.

5. Bullets red and white stripes shirt

  In fact, this should be considered the Wizards retro jersey, the new century in the NBA no longer have bullets this team, so as the successor of the Wizards will once again wear this red and white stripes as a kind of nostalgia.

4. Bulls Red

  It’s more of a blood NBA jersey, and since Jordan, Bulls red has been red all over the world. Their road game also includes a black jersey, either colorway, which carries a cold meaning, and this has become the Bulls’ representative color.

Cavaliers Jerseys

3. Cavaliers burgundy with gold

  This vintage shirt has gold as the main color, and the name of the knight is combined with creative letters on the chest and rendered in burgundy, which is simple without losing the dominance of the royalty. In addition, the knight also wears the blue color scheme of the model.

  2. Warriors city shirt

  On the chest of the jersey, the word “city” is written in English, and in the middle of the shirt, there is a majestic bridge standing. Yes, this is the classic architecture of the Golden Gate Bridge in the San Francisco area, which is also one of the Warriors’ retro shirts.

1. white and green Celtics jersey

  The Celtics are one of the oldest teams in the league, and for 63 years down the line, they have followed the main white and green color scheme. Green on white at home and white on green on the road, they wore these two suits and won 17 championships in their entirety.

The Transformation of Celtics jerseys

The Transformation of Celtics jerseys

As the Lakers’ arch rivals, the Celtics’ jerseys also have to be mentioned, and their jerseys even have a more ancient history than their team. As we all know, the Celtics were founded in the sixties, and perhaps because of their historical heritage, the jersey manufacturer even launched a 1925 version of the Celtics jersey.

1925 version of the Celtic jersey – showing the jersey in its most original form.

There is no team yet, but there is a jersey. The Celtic 1925 retro jersey is a retro version specially developed by the jersey manufacturer for the team, and their team, which has not even worn this jersey for the campaign. The design of that jersey is very simple, two stripes in the middle with a clover logo, which should be just in line with the concept of people’s minds at that time.

1963 version of the Celtics jersey – the first Celtics jersey officially unveiled

In the 60s, the Lakers replaced the original “LAKERS” with “Los Angeles”, while the Celtics had just put the word “BOSTON” on the chest. The Celtics had just put the word “BOSTON” on their chests. From the perspective of the jersey, the Celtics evolved at a much slower pace than the Lakers, and they seem to have a much simpler style, and until now they have only made minor changes to the color scheme and font.

Post 80s version of the Celtics jersey – almost no change, except for the color scheme

After the 80s, the Celtics jerseys did not change much, they dropped the black style and replaced it with a green and white color scheme, which is still used today. Because of the minimal changes, the Celtics jersey is a living fossil in the NBA jerseys today.