Retiring his Lakers jersey, Gasol considers it an honor for him

Retiring his Lakers jersey, Gasol considers it an honor for him.

May 5, 2020, Clutchpoint – During his time with the Lakers, Pau Gasol helped the team win two NBA championships as the second in command. That makes it likely that he will see his No. 16 jersey retired with the Lakers, and in an interview with Clutchpoint, Gasol talked about the relevance.

If it does happen (jersey retirement), it would be an honor for me,” Gasol said. It would mean a lot to me, and the fans would be happy. If this comes true, it would be more than a dream come true for me.”

Lakers Retired Jerseys

Every team in the NBA sets different standards for jersey retirement, and the Lakers are considered one of the strictest teams. As one of the NBA’s giants, the purple and gold, 70 years of team history, got 16 championships, but also only retired the jerseys of 10 players. And the Celtics, who have a similarly illustrious team history, have retired as many as 22 NBA jersey numbers.

As you can imagine, with such strict criteria, any player who can enjoy the honor of retiring a Lakers jersey is, without exception, a huge star. These ten Lakers stars are –

Wilt Chamberlain (No. 13): 1968-1973 season is also the last five seasons of his career spent in the Lakers, including the 71-72 season he led the Lakers to win the NBA championship, and was crowned FMVP. November 9, 1983 his No. 13 jersey was retired by the Lakers.

Elgin Baylor (No. 22): 1958 first-round draft pick, 14 years of his career all for the Lakers, averaging 27.4 points, 13.5 points and 4.3 assists per game, 11 times selected as an All-Star, 10 consecutive best team. But it was a bad time to be born, never winning a title in his career. His number 22 jersey was retired by the Lakers on November 9, 1983.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (#33): After transferring to the Lakers in 1975, he played in Los Angeles for 14 seasons, forming the two pillars of the Lakers with Magic, leading the team to five NBA championships. During his time with the Lakers, he won four regular season MVPs, one Finals MVP, 13 All-Star selections, 10 Best XI’s, seven Best Defensive XI’s, three Caps, and one Rebound King. He was the greatest superstar of the 70’s. On March 20, 1989 the number 33 jersey was retired by the Lakers.

“Magic” Johnson (No. 32): 13 seasons of career all play in the Lakers, ShowTime era leader, won five championships, three regular season MVP, three Finals MVP, 12 times selected for the All-Star, 10 times selected for the best lineup, known as the greatest point guard of all time. 1992 On February 16, No. 32 jersey was retired by the Lakers.

James Worthy (#42): Played all 12 seasons for the Lakers, was a core member of the ShowTime era, won three championships, one Finals MVP, and was named an All-Star seven times. 42 was retired by the Lakers on December 10, 1995.

Gayle Goodrich (#25): Played 9 seasons for the Lakers, was one of the core members of the 1971-72 championship team, and was selected as an All-Star 5 times in his career. 25 jersey was retired by the Lakers on Nov. 20, 1996.

Wilkes (#52): Played 8 seasons for the Lakers, won 3 championships and was selected as an All-Star 3 times. 52 jersey was retired by the Lakers on Dec. 28, 2012.

Shaquille O’Neal (#34): Spent the peak of his career with the Lakers for 8 seasons, winning 3 championships for the team, throughout his career, he won 4 championships, 1 regular season MVP, 3 Finals MVP, 15 All-Star selections and 14 Best XI selections. 34 jersey was retired by the Lakers on April 2, 2013.

Kobe Bryant (No. 8/24): 20 years for the Lakers , won five championships, one regular-season MVP, two Finals MVP, four All-Star Game MVP; a total of 18 times selected for the NBA All-Star team, 15 times selected for the NBA’s best lineup, 12 times selected for the NBA’s best defensive lineup. He is one of the top scorers in NBA history and the Lakers’ all-time scoring champion. on December 19, 2017, the Lakers hosted the Warriors and held a retirement ceremony for Kobe’s two jerseys, No. 8 and No. 24, at halftime.

Gasol’s personal peak was with the Grizzlies, but with the Lakers was the stage where his team honors rose to the top. He played seven seasons with the Lakers, helping the team win two championships in 2009 and 2010, being selected as an All-Star six times and being named to the Best XI four times. Considered by Kobe as the best teammate of his career.

Compared to the 10 superstars who have retired their jerseys, Gasol, as the core of the Lakers’ last two titles, is still able to meet the standard in terms of honors. And he wore the number 16 jersey is not considered a legendary number, the more well-known in history in addition to him is Peja and Jerry Lucas.

22-year-old rookie wearing No. 38 jersey, become the Lakers “team history first”

Chandi Brown Jr. inadvertently became a “first” in Lakers jerseys history – Brown reportedly chose the No. 38 jersey as his Lakers uniform number, and in the history of the Lakers

The Lakers have been making a lot of reinforcements moves lately. In addition to signing Rockets veteran Cameron Oliver to a training camp contract, they have also agreed to a deal with 22-year-old rookie Mike McClung and reached a franchise agreement with another shooter from basketball’s top school, Michigan, Chandi Brown Jr.

Interestingly, the Lakers’ newest addition, Chandi Brown Jr. inadvertently became a “first” in Lakers jerseys history – Brown reportedly chose the No. 38 jersey as his Lakers uniform number, and in the history of the Lakers, no player had ever worn the No. 38 jersey before, and Brown instantly became the first player in Lakers history to wear the No. 38 NBA jersey!

While it’s highly unlikely that Chandi Brown will end up staying with the Lakers for the regular season, it’s fun to be the first of these “alternative” guys. Chandee Brown Jr. is from the University of Michigan, he is only 22 years old and was not selected in this year’s draft, but the Lakers are desperate for 3-point shooters, so they gave Chandee Brown Jr. a chance to try out.

Brown will represent the Lakers in training camp and possibly preseason games for the Lakers, and whether he can stay with the Lakers in the end will depend on his performance in training camp and preseason games. In his rookie profile, Chandee Brown Jr. is modeled after former Lakers shooting guard Wesley Matthews, who averaged 8 points, 3.1 rebounds and 0.6 assists per game in his senior year, shooting 48.8 percent from the field and 41.9 percent from 3-point range. For the Lakers, what they value most, naturally, is Brown’s outstanding three-point shooting ability.

According to another source, Brown once wore jersey number 23 and jersey number 15 in college, and the reason why he chose jersey number 38 for the Lakers is obvious. Brown added the two jersey numbers together in college, 23 + 15 results in 38, so Brown finally chose the 38, probably for this reason, after all, an NBA fringe player to join the veteran Lakers, get the jersey number naturally not too “hot”, can only go to find some cold numbers to The use of the.

But inadvertently becoming the “first man” in Lakers history, Brown has also managed to attract attention. But it has to be said that this attention has nothing to do with Brown’s personal skills and strengths. To gain a foothold in the Lakers and stay on the team for the regular season, Brown has to prove himself in the upcoming training camp. The opportunity to play in the NBA, the highest level basketball league in the world, is right around the corner, and it’s up to Chandi Brown Jr. to make it work.

New City Edition Jersey of Lakers for NBA 75th Anniversary

New City Edition Jersey of Lakers for NBA 75th Anniversary

The team’s design pays homage to each decade of Lakers dynasties, highlighted by the team’s Laker Purple that began in the 1960s. The design features specific callbacks to each decade, ranging from the iconic Minneapolis blue color to the triangular name design of the 60s, to the drop shadow numbering of the Showtime Lakers as each era of the Lakers has a specific callback.

#23 Lebron James Lakers Jersey

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LeBron James on the new Lakers No. 6 jersey! Diamond Swoosh is too bright

Lakers new jersey for 2021-22 Icon Edition, LeBron James with his new lakers jersey of No. 6.

The NBA, born in 1946, is about to celebrate its 75th anniversary in the new season, and Nike, as an equipment sponsor, has prepared many great gifts for the NBA.

For example, previously exposed many times the team series Dunk Low shoes, including the Nets, Bulls, Knicks and many other teams.

Recently, the Los Angeles Lakers officially released the new season NBA jersey, and by the team’s star LeBron James personally on the body interpretation, this is also the first time James wear the Lakers No. 6 jersey.

In fact, there is no change in the overall, still the classic purple and gold jersey worn in the first three seasons, but the details have made many changes.

The first is that Wish, which has sponsored the Lakers for 3 years, has reached a 5-year jersey advertising contract with Korean food brand Bibigo, worth over $100 million, after its contract with the Lakers expired.

The fan version of the jersey does not usually have ads printed on it, so you players should not be too concerned.

The biggest highlight this time is the Swoosh on the shoulder of the jersey, which is created with a diamond-cut three-dimensional structure with a dazzling color effect.

In addition, the NBA logo on the hem of the jersey is also designed in the form of diamond cutouts to meet the NBA’s official diamond theme.

The number 17 gold label on the back collar of the jersey represents the 17 championships won by the Lakers in their history.

But the above changes are only shown on the player version of the jersey, as to whether the market version also has the same details for the time being is not known, we will also bring follow-up reports.

76ers officially signed Deandre Jordan, wearing No. 9 jersey

76ers officially signed Deandre Jordan, wearing 76ers jersey #9

On March 4, the NBA free agency came back with the news that Deandre Jordan, who was previously cut by the Lakers, officially made a decision to finish signing with the 76ers after spending 48 hours in the clarification period.

Soon after, the 76ers officially announced the news of the signing, officially signing free agent Jordan Jr.

In order to sign Deandre Jordan, the 76ers also terminated the 10-day contract with Cauley-Stein early, and he can now sign with any team. Last offseason, after being bought out, Jordan Jr. joined the Lakers, but he gradually fell out of the rotation and was finally cut from the team. He has played 32 games for the Lakers this season, averaging 4.1 points and 5.4 rebounds in 12.8 minutes per game.

Deandre Jordan is no stranger to the 76ers, as Harden, who was just traded here, played with him for the Bucks. Head coach Rivers is also his former head coach, and it was under his coaching that he grew into an All-Star center (also with Paul’s credit).

After joining the 76ers, Deandre Jordan will also change his player number and will wear the number 9 jersey, which is also his new career number. The 76ers’ No. 6 jersey belonged to Julius Erving and was retired, so he had to change his number.

Deandre Jordan was able to join the 76ers this time as he wanted to, also thanks to the Lakers’ fulfillment. Due to the loss of a rotation spot with the Lakers, Jordan Jr. was also a bit less than desirable and eventually the two sides agreed and the Lakers cut him. Lakers head coach Vogel then revealed, “Jordan Jr. felt he could play a bigger role with the 76ers, so the Lakers were willing to be adult and give him this opportunity.”

This time Deandre Jordan joined the 76ers, which may also be his last chance to prove himself, once again abandoned, then he may really have to consider retirement.

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If James currently chooses to retire, will the Lakers retire his jersey ?

If James currently chooses to retire, will the Lakers retire his jersey

Everyone knows that the Lakers are a traditional powerhouse team. Its team location in Los Angeles is even a mega city. So it has a very strong economic power. So it has always been regarded as a luxury team. The main thing is that it has the absolute power to sign NBA superstar players. So the Lakers and Celtics had such absolute power to build a luxury lineup. So the Lakers and Celtics are both magnificent teams with 17 titles.

James as the absolute leader of this current Lakers team. He has helped the long-sinking Lakers get on track and win an NBA championship. This is also the first championship since Kobe led the team to the title in the 2009-2010 season.

So with this championship trophy James can get the Lakers to retire their NBA jerseys after retirement? The author believes it is impossible to get to. It is important to know that the threshold for the Lakers to retire their jerseys is still relatively high. Like the Lakers recently retired jerseys are O’Neal and Kobe’s.

The Lakers owner also promised to retire the No. 16 jersey of Big Gasol. So it’s best to retire the jersey or to win another NBA championship to be more secure. Because the Lakers have retired no jersey less than two championships. Plus James came to the Lakers contribution is only that one NBA championship. This is obviously not enough.

So still need to continue to work to be considered 100% retired jerseys. After all, a really some reluctant, for the Lakers such a top big name team, the jerseys retired are extremely famous and the contribution of very huge players. So James still needs to continue to work hard to be able to!

Chinese Ambassador to the U.S. Qin Gang met with NBA Vice President Tan Huimin, and the Los Angeles Lakers presented Qin Gang with Lakers jersey No. 43

Chinese Ambassador to the U.S. Qin Gang met with NBA Vice President Tan Huimin, and the Los Angeles Lakers presented Qin Gang with Lakers jersey No. 43.

On the evening of Feb. 27, local time, Chinese Ambassador to the United States Qin Gang met with Vice President of the National Basketball Association (NBA) Tan Huimin, President of the Los Angeles Lakers Bass and legendary star Horry in Los Angeles, and Consul General Zhang Ping attended the meeting.

Qin Gang thanked the U.S. side for their kind invitation and said that basketball is not only a popular sport between the people of China and the U.S., but also a common language and an important link to promote mutual understanding and understanding between the two peoples, especially between young people. Over the years, the nba league and the Los Angeles Lakers are widely loved by the majority of Chinese fans, and the Los Angeles Lakers have many fans in China. Under the new situation, China hopes that the NBA and the Los Angeles Lakers will continue to play an active role in promoting humanistic exchanges and cooperation between China and the United States, and help the development of basketball in China to make greater contributions.

Tan Huimin said that President Xi Jinping and President Biden visited Los Angeles in 2012 and watched the Lakers game together, which greatly promoted the nba’s exchange and cooperation with China and became a good story of U.S.-China sports and cultural exchanges. In the future, the NBA and the Los Angeles Lakers are willing to play an important role as a bridge to promote friendship and cultural exchange between the people of the United States and China.

After the meeting, the Los Angeles Lakers presented Qin Gang with the No. 43 Lakers jersey representing the 43rd anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and the United States and the 43rd anniversary of the NBA Washington Bullets’ visit to China.

The changes about Rockets Jerseys

The changes about Rockets Jerseys

Today we talk about the Houston Rockets jerseys!

Today on the Rockets logo to share with you the story behind, in fact, the Rockets team logo in the past years there have been many changes, many believe that we have not seen.

The Oldperiod: San Diego Rockets 1967-1971

When the Rockets were founded in San Diego, the primary colors of their jerseys were green and gold. The away jerseys bore the city’s name (SAN DIEGO), while the home jerseys bore the team name. This was the only jersey design used by the Rockets during those years in San Diego.

Houston New times 1971/1972

When the Rockets moved to Houston in 1971, they replaced the green color of their old uniforms with red. The jerseys basically kept the same design as they had in San Diego, with just a few color changes and the city name (HOUSTON). The logo and the jerseys were only used by the Rockets for one season.

The glorious 22 years from 1972 to 1995

During the 1972/1973 season, the Rockets began using the famous team logo, which fans have dubbed “Mustard & Ketchup”. The team logo is mainly a golden basketball surrounded by two red ribbons, with “Shytown” on top and “Rockets” below.

Cartoon period 1995/1996-2002/2003

After the team’s 1995 Finals win, the Rockets decided to make their jerseys a little more hip in order to keep up with the cartoon style that was popular with other teams in the 1990s. The main body of the team logo is a shark-headed rocket orbiting around a basketball. The team’s main color of red was retained, but navy and silver were added. The jerseys were used for the 2002/2003 season.

The beginning of the YAO period 2003/2004 – Present

The Rockets’ current logo and uniforms were introduced in the 2003/2004 season and utilize the essence of Chinese calligraphy. Red, silver and black are the main colors of the current design. The home/away uniforms utilize the recent font for the numbers, a design that was also used in a simplified way in Adidas’ 2010 Revolution 30 jersey design.

The NBA’s five best-looking jerseys in history, the last one recognized as the most beautiful jersey

The NBA’s five best-looking jerseys in history

NBA as the world’s highest recognized basketball hall, whenever people mention basketball will think of this organization, from Jordan to Kobe to James, NBA more and more people know and like, she brought us countless basketball classic moments, either excited, or nervous, or regret, NBA has a place in many people’s lives, but also with the growth of generations of people, many times, she became synonymous with youth.

The NBA has become a complete basketball world, the team, stars, sneakers and so on, these are the topics of many people talk about after dinner. And many of the stars are dressed to influence many people.

For example, we are most familiar with Iverson, in the era of the four major points, Iverson’s dress and hair is more influential to a very, very large number of people, in Iverson’s personal documentary is to mention how much influence his dress at the time, the ground monopoly head, wide-legged pants, after Iverson is famous on the streets of the United States is everywhere such dress, can imagine how much Iverson was liked at the time. And as players, they wear the most should be the jersey, today I will take you to see those in the league strength on the best-looking those team jerseys.

5.Jordan-period Bulls jersey

Jordan as the first person in the history of the NBA, under his leadership of the Bulls period can be said to be brilliant to explode, two triple crown, think about it is terrible, which is why as the core of the Bulls at the time Jordan was called the “God of basketball” (I seriously doubt that the Bulls selected a Jordan spent all their nearly a dozen years of (I seriously doubt that the Bulls spent all of their luck in the last decade or so to select a Jordan, and the Bulls never stood up again after Jordan). The Chicago Bulls’ uniforms have become a classic in the minds of many fans, with the classic white and red color, which is the color that scares other teams in this period. I think the Bulls’ jersey contains the ingredients of the team’s strength, after all, they were too brilliant at the time, there is light shining on things that will naturally be very bright, so temporarily rank him in fifth place.

4.Curry period of the Warriors jersey

Golden State Warriors, one of the absolute giants of the league in the last five years, because of the rise of Curry, Thompson and Green, especially the rise of Curry let the league open a new era. And the warriors in this year’s jersey also has a lot of bright with and design, but let me most impressed is 15 years of the warriors of that white jersey, is also the warriors more classic a jersey, is definitely the league three points in the era of the ranking of one of the jerseys.

3. Magics jerseys of the Tracy McGrady period

The Magic team as the league’s notorious superstar “quicksand”, there are many stars have spent their peak period in the Magic team, such as O’Neal, Howard, McD, etc.. The jersey on the list is the jersey of Maddie in the Magic period, the white horse silver gun is the best name for that period of Maddie, I believe many fans are also impressed, slender Maddie plus the Magic jersey at the time, is simply the same as the cartoon came out.

2.Lakers jersey of Kobe period 

The Lakers, as one of the giants in the history of the league, purple and gold has also become their theme color, so most of their jerseys are also purple and gold color scheme, and the one that fans like the most is the one that is mostly purple and yellow on both sides during the peak of Kobe’s time.

1.76ers jersey of Iverson period

Iverson era 76ers jersey is really unbeatable, many fans of the first jersey is this jersey (what is everyone’s first jersey), this jersey is worn on Iverson the most feeling, because more is the sentiment, but honestly, this jersey is really good-looking, like when I saw Iguodala through the same, is really versatile, as if who wears are very good-looking, is also the favorite jersey of many fans.

In fact, to be honest, the jersey looks good is certainly important, but who wears it is more important, we say is not, but I also want to ask you, your favorite jersey is which jersey?

10 of the best-looking NBA retro version of the jersey, which is your favourite?

10 of the best-looking NBA retro version of the jerseyS

Ten classic jerseys:

Raptors, 1990s

Nuggets, 1980s

Bulls, 1980s

Hornets, 1990s

The Bulks, the 1990s

Lakers, 1950s

The Supersonics (now the Thunders), 1990s

Suns, 1990s

The Jazzs, 1990s

Hawks, 1980s