Warriors coach dissatisfied with Wiggins

Warriors coach dissatisfied with Wiggins: players should do their best when they put on the jersey!

The Golden State Warriors have been struggling a bit lately, as the Warriors, who were in second place in the West, are now struggling to hold on to third place in the West. The Warriors’ roster is not weak this season, but the lack of momentum at the beginning of the season after soaring, losing has become the norm, making many Warriors fans worry that the team will not playoff rounds.

The team’s current predicament has led many people to point the finger at Wiggins, as the season’s All-Star starter, Wiggins from the All-Star again began to play health basketball. The average of 18 points clocked off, originally in Curry and Green injury should carry the team when he, now back to his in the Timberwolves when the “thermos in the goji berry” state.

Mike Brown, who is an assistant coach with the Warriors, expressed his displeasure during a recent visit to the Warriors’ loss: “I think players should compete to the best of their ability on the court as long as they put on the NBA jersey, but some times it just doesn’t work out that way.”

Fans know that Mike Brown is talking about Wiggins.

Wiggins’ talent is recognized, as a first-round pick he also played a great performance, but he entered the league 8 years, except for the contract season basically did not prove himself, originally at the beginning of the season fans thought he had finally lost his way, but now he is open to swing again.

Wiggins’ current state makes the Warriors’ championship possibilities much less likely, plus Wiggins’ value has increased after being selected as an All-Star, and will certainly seek a big contract next season, but Warriors management clearly does not want to invest in Wiggins anymore, and Wiggins is likely to be traded next season.

The most pitiful or Warriors fans, originally thought that the arrival of Wiggins brought hope to the team, the result is now only disappointment, plus Curry is another year older, the championship is still far away.

Nets team history retired jerseys

Nets team history retired jerseys

On October 17, 2013, before the Nets’ NBA preseason game against the Heat, the Nets officially retired the No. 5 jersey of the team’s former All-Star point guard and current team head coach Jason Kidd. Former Nets president Thorne attended Kidd’s NBA jersey retirement ceremony, where he highly praised the current Nets head coach.

Kidd’s former teammates Marshall and Kittles were also present at his jersey retirement ceremony, to which Kidd said with deep emotion, “I hope you guys understand that when my jersey goes up, I think our jerseys all go up together.”

Kidd spent six and a half valuable seasons with the Nets, averaging 14.6 points, 9.1 assists and 7.2 rebounds per game for the team. In his first season with the Nets, he helped the team to a surprising 52-30 record. In total, Kidd played in 506 regular season games and 78 playoff games with the Nets. Under Kidd’s leadership, the Nets made team history by playing over a 50 percent winning percentage for six consecutive years, and with Kidd’s help, the Nets made the playoffs every time, including two trips to the finals.

Kidd’s No. 5 is the seventh jersey retired in Bucks history, with the previous retired numbers being: (No. 3) Drazen Petrovic, (No. 4) Wendell Rand, (No. 23) John Williams, (No. 25) Bill Melcioni, No. 32 (Julius Erving), and (No. 52) Buck Williams.

Nets retired Jerseys

Unexpected: Nets jersey color is decided by rival players

Nets jersey color is decided by rival players

For the past few years, the New York Knicks have been one of the biggest laughing stocks in the entire CBA league. The team with the biggest market in America has almost always managed to hold the league’s record for worst finish. They have always been linked to big name free agents, but have never pulled off a really big deal.

Although it’s now only eight years since the Knicks last appeared in the playoffs, fans and media have all but given up on the idea of the New York Knicks reaching the status they once had.

However, the Knicks saw a turning point for them last season. Led by head coach Tom Thibodeau and All-Star Julius Randle, New York is currently fourth in the Eastern Conference standings; and with only four games left in the regular season last season, New York is making a playoff push for the first time since 2013.

The Knicks picked up one of their most crucial wins of last season, as they narrowly defeated the Los Angeles Clippers 106-103. The victory was due in large part to the outstanding performance of former league MVP Derrick Rose. For the game, Rose had 25 points, eight rebounds and six assists.

The Knicks are currently in 4th place in the Eastern Conference, just 2 games behind their crosstown rivals, the Brooklyn Nets. After this game, Rose talked about their rivalry with the Nets. In response, he said, “There are two great teams in New York that are playing hard.”

Although last season was Rose’s second with the New York Knicks, his relationship with the Nets was anything but ordinary. According to former Nets vice president Fred Mangione, Rose was instrumental in helping the Brooklyn Nets choose the team’s home jersey colors.

Mangione said the Nets had considered a red-white-and-blue jersey color that tied in with their former ABA-era Julius Erving. They also considered black and gold, symbolizing the colors of the Brooklyn borough, but the scheme looked too much like the Pittsburgh Steelers. After discovering that Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose’s non-traditional black jersey was outselling Miami Heat star LeBron James’ home jersey, they decided to make black the primary color of the team’s home jersey.

For many NBA fans, it is exciting to see Rose able to contribute to a competitive team again, not only because his career seemed to be nearing its end while with the Detroit Pistons, but also because the infection is a new crown and his health is a concern for many.

City Edition Jersey of Brooklyn Nets for NBA 2021-22 Season

City Edition Jersey of Brooklyn Nets for NBA 2021-22 Season

2021-22 City Edition Nets Jersey

The new jersey for this season were designed to incorporate different eras of the franchise, creating a modern look while paying homage to the totality of Nets history.

From the stars and stripes design of the Dr. J era, to the redesigned 1990s wordmark revived with last season’s Nike NBA Classic Edition jerseys, the argyle side panel of the consecutive NBA Finals teams in 2002 and 2003, and the influence of the distinctly styled herringbone court on the team’s uniforms in 2012, the 2021-22 Nike NBA City Edition Uniform honors the Nets’ legacy from New York to New Jersey and back, highlighting a sequence of recognizable looks.

How to distinguish between home and away

How to distinguish between home and away

The Celtics are known as the Green Army on the same field because their main color is green, so how many types of Celtics jerseys are there? How to distinguish between home and away?

The Celtics have three types of regular game uniforms.

LEAGUE EDITION (ASSOCIATION EDITION): A traditional white home jersey that represents a tribute to the league. It connects all players in the NBA, the top basketball league in the world. It represents the achievements that all athletes strive for throughout their lives.

Association Edition Jersey

ICON EDITION: The traditional away jersey, which represents the deep heritage and signature characteristics of each team. It contains the team’s traditional theme colors, the dominant colors in the closet of die-hard fans.

Icon Edition Jersey

STATEMENT EDITION: The theme edition of the jersey sets the tone for the team’s big games, inspired by the team’s fearless declaration as they step onto the field. This is the first time the Celtics have adopted black as the base color of the jersey, which is meant to convey the Celtics’ resilience and determination.

Statement Edition Jersey

A second set of away uniforms was introduced in the 05-06 season, the black on green type, but not many were worn in the beginning.

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Lakers shows photo James No. 6 jersey

Lakers shows photo Lebron James No. 6 jersey

On June 15, the Lakers officially announced that their star LeBron James will switch to wearing the number 6 jersey for the new season. Their official social media posted a composite image of James wearing the No. 6 Lakers jersey with the caption: “It’s official: No. 6”. James himself also retweeted the message shortly afterwards, with the caption “No. 6 + crown”.

In fact, as early as five days ago, that is, on June 10, Beijing time. At that time, there were media reporters to report that James will change his number in the new season: according to The Athletic celebrity Charania and Tim Cato jointly reported that Lakers star LeBron James will change to wear the number 6 jersey in the next season.

It’s worth mentioning that at the time, American Journal thought this change would be made next month after the release of James’ solo movie “Air Dunk: The New Legend” (the old James is wearing the number 6 jersey in this movie), but nowadays, there is no doubt that this is ahead of schedule.

In James’ 17-year career, he has only worn two numbers, No. 23 and No. 6. In the “Knight 1.0 period”, “Knight 2.0 period” and now the Lakers period are wearing the 23 jersey, “6 jersey” only in his four seasons playing for the Heat The “No. 6” jersey has only appeared in his four seasons with the Heat. Now he plans to put on the Lakers’ No. 6 jersey next season as well.

And although his in-game stats are similar between the two periods, there is no doubt that his “No. 6 period” was a little better.

No. 6: 26.9 points + 7.6 rebounds + 6.7 assists + 1.7 steals per game, shooting 54% from the field, 37% from 3-point range, 76% from the free throw line, 62.2% true shooting.

No. 23:27 points + 7.4 rebounds + 7.6 assists + 1.5 steals per game, shooting 49% from the field, 34% from 3-point range, 73% from the free throw line and 57.7% true shooting.

One of the four seasons in which the old James wore number 6 led the Heat to two NBA championships. So his decision to continue wearing number 6 next season is generally seen as a sign of his ambition to continue winning a championship for the Lakers. But there are some fans who are not optimistic about this, because wearing the number 6 in those four years is the peak of the old James, now no matter how can not go back to the old days.

And the U.S. media StatMuse has said that James will be expected to become the first star in history to retire four jerseys: Knight 23, Heat 6, Lakers 23 and Lakers 6.

But there are also fans who think that retiring the jersey in the Lakers is not a very simple thing. They feel that if the Lakers owner is good enough, then the most to James retired a “23” jersey. And want to retire the “No. 6” jersey this thing is obviously impossible, unless the old James can in his retirement years and then to the Lakers Staples Center arena to add a few championship banners.

As last season’s champion, the Lakers suffered a “round robin” this year, in addition to their team’s small and large injuries, their biggest problem is a series of off-season “brainless” trading operations. The strengths and weaknesses of the lineup are quite obvious, so the Lakers will definitely upgrade their lineup in the offseason.

The Lakers general manager Pelinka also said publicly a while ago that the off-season reinforcements will be completed under the joint participation of the Brow and James, which means they will still be a strong championship team next season!

Lakers No. 8 jersey is who wears, the Lakers team history 5 championship credit, averaging 35.4 points NBA scoring king

Lakers No. 8 jersey and No.24 jersey is Kobe.

The Lakers No. 8 jersey is one of the jersey numbers worn by Lakers legend Kobe Bryant in his NBA career, and Kobe played for the Lakers for all 20 seasons of his NBA career, including 10 seasons wearing the Lakers No. 8 jersey and 10 seasons wearing the No. 24 jersey. In the two in a different number of 10 seasons, Kobe have made outstanding personal contributions to the Lakers, Kobe in the Lakers career wore No. 8 and No. 24 jerseys are retired by the Lakers jerseys.

Wearing No. 8 Kobe, young and explosive, wearing No. 8 in 10 seasons, Kobe played 707 games for the Lakers, a total of 16866 points, 3634 rebounds, 3148 assists, 1059 steals and 431 caps of personal data, personal data performance is quite outstanding, wearing No. 8 jersey in 10 seasons, Kobe has 7 seasons of the average score more than In the 2005-2006 season, Kobe averaged 35.4 points per game, the highest season average scoring record in his NBA career, and his powerful offensive firepower was undoubtedly on display.

In the 10 seasons of No. 8 career, Kobe and shark O’Neill formed OK combination is rebuke the entire NBA league, the two during the partnership, four times led the Lakers into the NBA finals, which helped the Lakers achieve three consecutive championship dynasty dominance, looking at the history of the NBA only three teams to achieve the great achievement of three consecutive championships, one of the teams is led by Kobe and O’Neill Lakers.

In the 2005-2006 season, wearing the No. 8 jersey, Kobe in the regular season game against the Raptors, blasted down the highest personal scoring record of 81 points in a single game, second only to the 100 points set by the basketball emperor Chamberlain in the history of the NBA, Kobe shot 28 of 46, 7 of 13 from three-point range, 18 of 20 from the free throw line, Kobe scored 26 points in the whole first half, but in the third quarter The first half of the game Kobe scored 26 points, but in the third and fourth quarter of the game, Kobe cut 27 and 28 points in a single quarter scoring feat, staged a personal crazy scoring performance show, Kobe with a personal single game 81 points scoring performance proved the comprehensiveness of his offensive skills.

In the entire NBA career, whether wearing the No. 8 jersey or No. 24 NBA jersey, Kobe has written his own brilliant moments with his wonderful personal data performance, wearing the No. 8 jersey Kobe in the style of play more explosive, more passionate performance on the field.

Knights, Heat 100% retired James’s jersey! Will the Lakers give James a row of retired jerseys?

James as the post-Kobe era of the NBA’s “face of the superstar” has always had a high popularity and outstanding record, has played for the Cavaliers, Heat, Lakers 3 teams! For these 3 teams have won the championship, so the question arises, when the retirement of which team will retire jerseys for James?

Cleveland Cavaliers


Let’s start with James’ home team, the Cavaliers, even if the other 29 teams do not retire James’ jersey, the Cavaliers 100% will retire the old James’ NBA jersey! After all, James is his own first-round pick, just like his own children.

Starting from 2003 to 2010, then from 2014 to 2018, James played 11 seasons for the Cavaliers! Led the team to the playoffs 10 times, won the championship once, and also played the best record in team history 66 wins and 16 losses.

23119 points team history, 6190 rebounds team history, 6228 assists team history, 1376 steals team history, 1269 caps team history, hit 8399 team history, hit 1251 three pointers team history, hit 5130 free throws team history.

2973 turnovers first in team history, 1618 fouls first in team history, where the Cavaliers record James all over the list, James is the first superstar in the history of the Knights.

The Cavaliers currently retire a total of seven jerseys, namely No. 7 Smith, No. 11 Ilgauskas, No. 22 Nance, No. 25 Price, No. 34 Kyle, No. 42 Thurmond, No. 43 Doherty, jersey remaining space is very ample! Retirement of James’ jersey number 23 is more than enough.

Miami Heat


The second team James played for, the Heat, signed James is the most successful signing in the history of the Heat so far, from the 10-11 season to join the 13-14 season to leave the team, the Heat in those four years, whether the record or popularity are the top league presence.

In 4 years James led the team to the finals 4 times, 2 times won the championship! 2 times won the MVP + FMVP!

7919 points fourth in team history, 1980 assists fourth in team history, 489 steals eighth in team history, hit 2911 fourth in team history, hit 1732 free throws fourth in team history, hit 2450 iron ninth in team history, whether good or bad, James’ contribution to the Heat is unquestionable.

The Heat currently retired a total of six jerseys, respectively, No. 1 Bosh, No. 10 Hardaway, No. 13 Marino, No. 23 Jordan, No. 32 O’Neal, No. 33 Mourning, jerseys remaining space is more than adequate! Retirement of James’s No. 6 jersey on the board.

Los Angeles Lakers


After Kobe’s retirement, the once prosperous Los Angeles ball market fell into an unprecedented slump, and James is also very clever in this period to “savior” identity to join, unknowingly has been the past four spring, summer, autumn and winter.

If we talk about James’s contribution to the Lakers, the only thing that can be taken out is 1 championship! And the Lakers have won a total of 17 championships in the history of the team, only 1 championship James in the Lakers more or less far-fetched convincing.

Currently the Lakers retired a total of 11 jerseys, respectively, No. 8 Kobe, No. 13 Chamberlain, No. 22 Baylor, No. 24 Kobe, No. 25 Goodrich, No. 32 Johnson, No. 33 Jabbar, No. 34 O’Neal, No. 42 Worthy, No. 44 West, No. 52 Wilkes, jerseys remaining space is not very adequate, plus James’ contribution is estimated to be difficult to retire!

How many jerseys retired by Lakers ?

11 Retired lakers jerseys

Let’s tallk about the following NBA jerseys retired by Lakers over the years.

  1. Wilt Chamberlain: #13 jersey

Chamberlain had played for the Lakers for five seasons and helped the team get one championship, he is also the only player to do 30+20 in a single season, and he did it seven times, his this record in now nobody can break.

2. Elgin Baylor:# 22 jersey

Elgin Baylor played all 14 seasons of his career for the Lakers. Baylor made 846 career appearances, averaging 27.4 points, 13.5 rebounds and 4.3 assists per game. He won one championship and is also the Lakers’ all-time rebounding leader.

3. Gail Goodrich:# 25 jersey

Goodrich played nine seasons for the Lakers and was part of the core of the 1971-1972 championship. In 1996 Goodrich was inducted into the Hall of Fame and in November of that year the Lakers retired his jersey.

4. Earvin Johnson:#32 jersey

Earvin Johnson has played for the Lakers for 13 seasons of his career, winning 5 championships, 3 regular season MVPs, 3 Finals MVPs, 12 All-Stars, 10 Best XI’s, and is still the only player with a rookie season FMVP, and is known as the greatest point guard of all time.

5. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar :#33 jersey

Jabbar played 14 seasons for the Lakers, helping them win five championships, 19 career All-Stars, 15 Best XI’s, and is also the NBA’s all-time scoring leader.

6. Shaquille O’Neal :#34 jersey

O’Neal’s career for the Lakers for eight seasons, he and Kobe composed of the OK combination is unstoppable, won three consecutive championships at the same time, there are three FMVP.

7. James Worthy :#42 jersey

He played 12 seasons for the Lakers, averaging 17.6 points and 5.1 rebounds per game in his career, and won three championships.

8. Jerry West :#44 jersey

Jerry West basketball career 14 seasons have played for the Lakers, career 9 times to kill the finals, but unfortunately met the Celtics dynasty, career only 1 championship, but also the only defeated FMVP winner.

9. Jamaal Wilkes :#52 jersey

He won four NBA championships, was named to the NBA All-Star team five times, and was twice named to the NBA’s second-team best defensive team. At the end of 1985, at the age of 32, Jamal Wilkes announced his retirement. Jamal Wilkes was a Hall of Famer for the Los Angeles Lakers in the 1980s, winning four NBA championships in his career, including three with the Lakers.

10. Kobe Bryant :#8 & #24 jersey

Kobe career 20 seasons are playing for the Lakers, in these 20 years, Kobe for the Lakers brought five championships, the fourth place in the NBA historical scoring list, for the Lakers brought countless fans, the only one in the NBA to enjoy the retirement of two pieces of players.