How to distinguish Celtic’s home and away jerseys?

How to distinguish Celtic’s home and away jerseys?

The Celtics are known as the Green Army on the same field, due to its main color of green, so how many types of Celtics uniforms are there? How to distinguish between home and away NBA jerseys?

There are three types of customary Celtics competition uniforms.

The league version (ASSOCIATION EDITION): the traditional white home jersey, representing a tribute to the league. It links all the players of the NBA, the top basketball league in the world, together. It represents the results for which all athletes have fought all their lives.

ICON EDITION: The traditional road jersey, which represents the deep heritage and signature characteristics of each team. It includes the team’s traditional theme colors, the dominant colors in the closet of die-hard fans.

STATEMENT EDITION: The theme version of the jersey sets the tone for the team’s big games, with the idea coming from the team’s fearless declaration as they cross the field. This is the first time the Celtics have chosen black as the base color of the jersey, which is intended to convey the Celtics’ resilience and determination.

Association Edition

In the 05-06 season, there was a second set of away uniforms, the kind with black letters on a green background, but not many of them were worn at the beginning.

Icon Edition

2007-08 season began to wear black on a green background that set of frequency began to increase, but the details of the road to wear white or black is not fixed.

Evaluation of the last ten years of the top ten classic jerseys

Evaluation of the last ten years of the top ten classic jerseys.

5. Bullets red and white stripes shirt

  In fact, this should be considered the Wizards retro jersey, the new century in the NBA no longer have bullets this team, so as the successor of the Wizards will once again wear this red and white stripes as a kind of nostalgia.

4. Bulls Red

  It’s more of a blood NBA jersey, and since Jordan, Bulls red has been red all over the world. Their road game also includes a black jersey, either colorway, which carries a cold meaning, and this has become the Bulls’ representative color.

Cavaliers Jerseys

3. Cavaliers burgundy with gold

  This vintage shirt has gold as the main color, and the name of the knight is combined with creative letters on the chest and rendered in burgundy, which is simple without losing the dominance of the royalty. In addition, the knight also wears the blue color scheme of the model.

  2. Warriors city shirt

  On the chest of the jersey, the word “city” is written in English, and in the middle of the shirt, there is a majestic bridge standing. Yes, this is the classic architecture of the Golden Gate Bridge in the San Francisco area, which is also one of the Warriors’ retro shirts.

1. white and green Celtics jersey

  The Celtics are one of the oldest teams in the league, and for 63 years down the line, they have followed the main white and green color scheme. Green on white at home and white on green on the road, they wore these two suits and won 17 championships in their entirety.

The Transformation of Celtics jerseys

The Transformation of Celtics jerseys

As the Lakers’ arch rivals, the Celtics’ jerseys also have to be mentioned, and their jerseys even have a more ancient history than their team. As we all know, the Celtics were founded in the sixties, and perhaps because of their historical heritage, the jersey manufacturer even launched a 1925 version of the Celtics jersey.

1925 version of the Celtic jersey – showing the jersey in its most original form.

There is no team yet, but there is a jersey. The Celtic 1925 retro jersey is a retro version specially developed by the jersey manufacturer for the team, and their team, which has not even worn this jersey for the campaign. The design of that jersey is very simple, two stripes in the middle with a clover logo, which should be just in line with the concept of people’s minds at that time.

1963 version of the Celtics jersey – the first Celtics jersey officially unveiled

In the 60s, the Lakers replaced the original “LAKERS” with “Los Angeles”, while the Celtics had just put the word “BOSTON” on the chest. The Celtics had just put the word “BOSTON” on their chests. From the perspective of the jersey, the Celtics evolved at a much slower pace than the Lakers, and they seem to have a much simpler style, and until now they have only made minor changes to the color scheme and font.

Post 80s version of the Celtics jersey – almost no change, except for the color scheme

After the 80s, the Celtics jerseys did not change much, they dropped the black style and replaced it with a green and white color scheme, which is still used today. Because of the minimal changes, the Celtics jersey is a living fossil in the NBA jerseys today.

City Edition Jerseys for Celtics 

City Edition Jerseys for Celtics

The followings are city edition for Celtics jerseys:

  1. 2018-19 City Edition Jersey

The jersey is designed with a round collar and in the traditional white color and matched with green with an accent of gold around the lettering. It looks very simple and clean.

2. 2019-20 City Edition Jersey

The font, invoking something you might find on an Irish pub, seems a nod to the hibernian heritage many locals have in the greater Boston area as it was a magnet for Irish immigrants at the end of the 19th and start of the 20th centuries.

The jersey’s actual color, to the relief of many, is a more familiar green hue that even the Turkish center himself couldn’t resist poking fun at. Fans, however, have been somewhat warmer to the properly-hued version which is likely a relief to the franchise.

3. 2020-21 City Edition Jersey

With a crew neck design and an overall design in white with green lines and stripes, the jersey is inspired by the team’s championship mentality, and the 2020-21 Celtics City Edition jersey represents the championship flag hanging in the training ground at the Orbach Center.

4. 2021-22 City Edition Jersey

The City Edition yarns pay homage to the team’s legacy and the iconic moments that have defined the franchise’s 75-year history. The jersey projects a white wordmark and number scheme from a solid green base, the back features a white nameplate block under the player’s jersey number, a nod to it. The ribbon around the arms and neck replicates the 1965 team uniform. In addition, 17 clovers are located on the lower left of the jersey, at the top. above the jocktag, each wearing the year of a Celtics championship season. The uniform also recognizes Boston basketball legends with three replica banners containing the 24 player numbers and names that have been withdrawn by the organization.

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The Road Jerseys of Celtics for NBA 2021-22 Season

The Road Jerseys of Celtics for NBA 2021-22 Season

This Icon Edition jersey follows the traditional design with a crew neck and a green color with white lines. 

Celtics Jerseys

Very nice material feel with a couple of tiny light marks, white wordmark of club, player nameset and Nike LOGO are stitched on the front of this NBA jersey, labels and jock tag are great.

The Boston Celtics compete in the National Basketball Association (NBA) as a member of the league’s Eastern Conference Atlantic Division. Founded in 1946 as one of the league’s original eight teams. The Celtics are regarded as one of the most successful basketball teams in NBA history; the franchise is tied with the Los Angeles Lakers for most NBA Championships won with 17 and currently holds the record for the most recorded wins of any NBA team.Our Celtics players , Bob Cousy, Bill Russell, Dave Cowens and Larry Bird, have won the NBA Most Valuable Player Award for an NBA record total of 10 MVP awards.

the most retired jerseys of the five teams in NBA

the most retired jerseys of the five teams in NBA, they are Kings jerseys, Blazers Jerseys, Lakers Jeseys, Celtics Jerseys and Pistons Jerseys.

In the NBA, for a team to retire a player’s jersey number, there are many considerations, such as whether the player has contributed enough or has enough influence. It is a big deal for the team to retire the jersey. Today, let’s look at the five teams that have retired the most NBA jerseys in the NBA so far.

Sacramento Kings, the number of retired jerseys is 11. The Kings had won the NBA championship as the Rochester Royals in the 1950-1951 season, but have not broken any ground since then until now, but the number of its retired jerseys also reached as many as 11, namely No. 1 Nate Archibald, No. 2 Mitch Richmond, No. 4 Chris Webber, No. 6 (spectator), No. 11 Bob Davies, No. 12 Maurice Stokes, #14 Oscar Robertson, #16 Peja Stojakovic, #21 Vlad Divac, #27 Jack Twyman, and #44 Sam Lacey.

Detroit Pistons, the number of retired jerseys 11. The Pistons have won the NBA championship three times in their history, and there have been many outstanding players such as Thomas “The Smiling Assassin”, Dumars, Billups, etc. The 11 jerseys retired by the Pistons are #1 Chancey Billups, #2 Chuck Daly, #3 Ben Wallace, #4 Joe Dumars, #10 Dennis Rodman, No. 11 Isaiah Thomas, No. 15 Willie Johnson, No. 16 Bob Lanier, No. 21 Dave Bing, No. 32 Richard Hamilton, and No. 40 Bill Lambier.

Portland Trail Blazers, retired jerseys number 11. The Trail Blazers won an NBA championship in the 1976-77 season under the leadership of Bill Walton, and had players such as “Glider” Drexler on the team. Tavodzik, No. 14 Lionel Hollins, No. 15 Larry Steele, No. 20 Maurice Lucas, No. 22 Clyde Drexler, No. 30 Bob Gross, Terry Porter (two players), No. 32 Bill Walton, No. 36 Lloyd Nell, No. 45 Joff Patry, No. 77 Jack Ramsey (head coach).

Los Angeles Lakers, the number of retired jerseys 11. As the league’s top powerhouse team, the Lakers have an extremely strong heritage and have won 16 championships in team history. The retired jerseys are #8 and #24 Kobe Bryant, #13 Wilt Chamberlain, #22 Elgin Baylor, #25 Gail Goodrich, #32 Elvin Johnson, #33 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, #34 Shaquille O’Neal , No. 42 James Worthy, No. 44 Jerry West, No. 52 Jamal Wilkes.

Boston Celtics, the number of retired jerseys 22. As the team with the most number of championships in the league, the “Green Army” Celtics have produced many superstars, and the number of retired jerseys has reached 22, namely #00 Robert Parrish, #1 Walter Brown, #2 Arnold Auerbach, #3 Dennis Johnson, #6 Bill Russell, #10 No. Joe Joe White, No. 14 Bob Cousy, No. 15 Tom Heinsohn, No. 16 Tom Sanders, No. 17 John Havlicek, No. 18 Dave Cowens, Jim Luskatov (two players), No. 19 Don Nelson, No. 21 Bill Sharman, No. 22 Edward McCauley, No. 23 Frank Ramsey, No. 24 Sam Jones, No. 25 K. C -Jones, #31 Cedric Maxwell, #32 Kevin McHale, #33 Larry Bird, #34 Paul Pierce, #35 Reggie Lewis, Johnny Most (two players).

Warriors’ Jerseys, Lakers’ Jerseys, Celtics’ Jerseys, Who Has the Best Looking Jersey?

Warriors’ Jerseys, Lakers’ Jerseys, Celtics’ Jerseys, Who Has the Best Looking Jersey

In the NBA jersey is a team than the indispensable elements, jersey not only represents the team, but also represents the soul of the team. In the NBA each team’s jersey varies, but the brand of jerseys provided are mostly addis and Nike. today and old Chen look at the Warriors jersey, the Lakers jersey, the Celtics jersey, what is the difference?

The Warriors are arguably the most watched team in the league in recent years, not only because of the team’s superb strength, but also because of the way they play. The Warriors have many sets of jerseys, with the home jerseys being mainly white vintage jerseys and the away jerseys being mostly dark blue jerseys. When the Warriors’ jerseys are paired with the yellow ocean of the Warriors’ home court, it can be said that it will make any team in the league feel scared!

The Lakers can be said to have accompanied the youth of a generation of Chinese people, 23 Kobe has left the field, but the purple and gold will not wear out. The reason why the Lakers are called the purple and gold, but also because of the Lakers jersey. The Lakers jerseys are mainly yellow jerseys at home and purple jerseys on the road, yellow represents gold, so the Lakers are known as the purple and gold.

The Celtics are arguably one of the greatest teams in NBA history and one of the oldest teams in the NBA. With 17 championship records and 4 runner-up finishes, the Celtics can be said to have dominated the league in the last century. The Celtics’ jerseys are mainly green, known as the Green Army, the Celtics’ Green Army and the Lakers’ Purple and Gold can be considered a pair of arch rivals, from the 1960s to the beginning of this century, the NBA game is always less than their confrontation.