Evaluation of the last ten years of the top ten classic jerseys

Evaluation of the last ten years of the top ten classic jerseys.

5. Bullets red and white stripes shirt

  In fact, this should be considered the Wizards retro jersey, the new century in the NBA no longer have bullets this team, so as the successor of the Wizards will once again wear this red and white stripes as a kind of nostalgia.

4. Bulls Red

  It’s more of a blood NBA jersey, and since Jordan, Bulls red has been red all over the world. Their road game also includes a black jersey, either colorway, which carries a cold meaning, and this has become the Bulls’ representative color.

Cavaliers Jerseys

3. Cavaliers burgundy with gold

  This vintage shirt has gold as the main color, and the name of the knight is combined with creative letters on the chest and rendered in burgundy, which is simple without losing the dominance of the royalty. In addition, the knight also wears the blue color scheme of the model.

  2. Warriors city shirt

  On the chest of the jersey, the word “city” is written in English, and in the middle of the shirt, there is a majestic bridge standing. Yes, this is the classic architecture of the Golden Gate Bridge in the San Francisco area, which is also one of the Warriors’ retro shirts.

1. white and green Celtics jersey

  The Celtics are one of the oldest teams in the league, and for 63 years down the line, they have followed the main white and green color scheme. Green on white at home and white on green on the road, they wore these two suits and won 17 championships in their entirety.