Color schemes for NBA Jerseys 

In the first game day after Thanksgiving, many NBA teams are wearing gorgeous new jerseys, these jerseys compared to the previous jerseys can be full of highlights, today the factory manager gave you a few selections, we look at which one is your favorite?

The black Celtics jersey representing toughness and determination

This is the first time the Celtics have adopted black as the base color of their jerseys, meant to convey the Celtics’ customary toughness and determination. Owen wears this black Celtics jersey with great feeling, and the assassin-like Owen brings a sense of mystery to the Celtics. The Celtics’ jersey style has always been very classy, and this black color scheme will surely be avidly sought after by many jersey lovers.

The black Cavaliers jersey representing luck

In the 15-16 season finals, in the big score of 1-3, the Cavaliers is wearing black short-sleeved jerseys to survive. Then in the crucial Game 6, Game 7, the Cavaliers also wore black jerseys, and eventually the Knights made history by turning back the mighty Warriors. The Cavaliers felt that the black jersey would bring them luck, so when they designed the new jersey they still designed the black color scheme. It was a great memory that brought them their first NBA championship, and they will continue to make history wearing this black NBA jersey.

The orange thunder jersey

The Thunder’s jersey is an orange-colored jersey with a big “OKC” lettering on the chest, and the Thunder’s new jersey is all about a big opening, which coincides with Thunder star Westbrook’s playing style. The fans’ evaluation of this jersey is divided into two extremes, some fans think it is very testy and characteristic, while some fans say this jersey is really too ugly.

The first time in 12 years to change the jersey of the Pacers

The Pacers have not changed jerseys for twelve years, they replaced the jerseys this time compared to the previous conservative is a lot more cheerful, the overall yellow color scheme bright incomparable, the city and the team’s letters separate surrounded by the stars’ jersey numbers, which represents the Pacers this team’s new rebuilding philosophy.