Why is the Warriors uniform in Chinese of NBA 2019-20 season?

Warriors uniform of NBA 2019-20 season was designed in Chinese .

The NBA Warriors are Chinese is to celebrate the Chinese Lunar Year of the Sheep Lantern Festival. On the eve of the Lantern Festival in the Chinese lunar year, the Golden State Warriors, the home of the NBA regular season tournament, celebrated the Chinese New Year of the Sheep by wearing special Chinese elements of the Warriors uniforms. On the chest of the jersey is the Golden Gate Bridge, the Chinese word “Warriors” and the number, and the right shoulder sleeve is printed with the golden Year of the Goat sign and the Chinese word “sheep”, and the side of the jersey and pants is trimmed with the traditional Chinese red and yellow colors.

The Warriors even held a special launch ceremony, which was attended by team executives and the mayor of San Francisco. In addition, the jersey also includes rich elements such as the Year of the Goat logo and Chinese color scheme, highlighting the Warriors’ good intentions.

In addition to the Warriors, another team that will be wearing Chinese jerseys for the game is the Rockets, who are also wearing these uniforms against the Raptors. In an official interview with the NBA, Warriors president and CEO Wirtz proudly said, “The Chinese translation of the Warriors is very familiar to Chinese fans, and that’s something that’s easier for Chinese fans to understand and accept than something like the Lakers.”

The Best Looking Ten NBA Jerseys

ranking of the top 10 of NBA Jerseys

The specific ranking of the top 10 of them is as follows.

10. Washington Bullets Used: 74-87 season

The Wizards were formerly known as the Washington Bullets, and in 1978, the Bullets won the championship wearing this jersey. The two letters of the Bullets’ name, L, were designed as two arms on the chest of the jersey, plus a small basketball on top, looking like the opening game of the game when fighting for the ball. The stars who have worn this jersey are Elvin Hayes and Wes Unseld.

9. New Jersey Nets Used: 72-81 season

This jersey was designed with the Stars and Stripes of the United States as the base element, and the stars who wore this jersey were Julius Erving.

8. Miami Heat Used: 17 years to present

The design of this jersey is inspired by the most classic version of Grand Theft Auto, Sin City, the game’s background city is Miami. Stars who have worn this jersey include Wade, Haslem, Butler, Adebayor, etc.

7. Charlotte Hornets Used: 89-96 season

This jersey is the best jersey in the history of the Hornets, and the stars who wore this jersey include Monin and Curry’s father, Dell Curry.

6. San Francisco Warriors Used: 66-71 season

The Warriors introduced this classic jersey after moving from Philadelphia to San Francisco, and for Bay Area fans, this jersey represents the years when basketball culture was born. Among the stars who have worn this jersey are Rick Barry. Chamberlain did not get to play in this jersey because he returned home to the Philadelphia 76ers.

5. Denver Nuggets Used: 85-93 season

This rainbow-themed jersey was absolutely groundbreaking! It showed fans that a group of big old men wearing jerseys could also be bold with bright colors like pink, yellow, and orange. Some of the stars who wore this jersey were Alex Inglis and Michael Adams.

James also wore it as a child.

4. Orlando Magics Used: 94-98 Season

In the mid-90s, the Magic adopted their first alternate jersey, the electric blue version, and styled it in the mid-90s American road look. Among the stars who wore this jersey were O’Neal, Hardaway, and Horace Grant.

3. Chicago Bulls Used: 1985-present

Jordan wore this jersey to win two triple titles. So this jersey is a sacred jersey in the hearts of many people. This jersey has been in use for 35 years, and when players see it now, they should be inspired by the previous moments of glory in the team’s history. There is also a cold knowledge worth mentioning, since the establishment of the team in 1966, the Bulls have never changed the team’s logo, but only made minor adjustments to some details. The stars who have worn this jersey are Jordan, Pippen, Rodman, Rose, etc.

2. Boston Celtics Used: 1972-2014 season

The Celtics originally had a jersey that said “Boston” on the chest, and in 1972 they changed it to “Celtics” and in 2014 the team changed it back to “Boston”. It’s not that the designers are cheating, but because this jersey is so classic. The stars who have worn this jersey are Bird, McHale, Garnett, Pierce and so on.

  1. Los Angeles Lakers Used: 78-99 season

In 1978, the Lakers began using the gold home jersey, and the previous blue jersey was completely abandoned. This jersey symbolizes the Lakers’ Showtime dynasty, which was one of the most glorious eras in the Lakers’ team history.

What other good-looking jerseys do you think?

Collect it! So Handsome Warriors Jersey

the Warriors in the 2018 season Classic Jerseys

The NBA has surprises everywhere, the Warriors in the 2018 season when the last home appearance of the regular season, the retro jersey worn by the fans is also a bright spot, this jersey is also really rare, only special days to see, so say a year up to see three times, this statement is not exaggerated!

So how magical is this jersey in the end? Let’s take a look!

Warriors in the last regular season game at home on April 8, the whole team changed into this magic retro jersey, see this jersey, fans seem to be a flash back to more than a decade ago, the Golden State Warriors who created the miracle of the Black Eight!

Curry, as the most senior player on this team, is considered the only Warriors player on the team who has experienced the last generation of jerseys, the last generation of Warriors jerseys, compared with the current Warriors jerseys, the span is not generally large.

The current Warriors jerseys are mainly gold and blue, while the Warriors team of more than a decade ago was mainly black and white, and the jersey style is more in line with the team name “Warriors”.

When you see this jersey, you will be reminded of the “Warriors Bandits” who created the miracle of the Black Eight, and the black Warriors jersey is the best way to show the “Bandits” gene, which makes people shudder.

The current Warriors jersey is really too mild compared to the Warriors jersey of that period of the beard, or a fiercer Warriors is more handsome, perhaps also has a lot to do with the tough ball style of that period.

The Warriors have a long history in the NBA, and there have been a variety of jerseys in the team’s history with a high face value, golden retro jerseys, and the face value is also a great.

So handsome Warriors retro jersey, if you can buy it, then hurry up and collect it.

Warriors’ Jerseys, Lakers’ Jerseys, Celtics’ Jerseys, Who Has the Best Looking Jersey?

Warriors’ Jerseys, Lakers’ Jerseys, Celtics’ Jerseys, Who Has the Best Looking Jersey

In the NBA jersey is a team than the indispensable elements, jersey not only represents the team, but also represents the soul of the team. In the NBA each team’s jersey varies, but the brand of jerseys provided are mostly addis and Nike. today and old Chen look at the Warriors jersey, the Lakers jersey, the Celtics jersey, what is the difference?

The Warriors are arguably the most watched team in the league in recent years, not only because of the team’s superb strength, but also because of the way they play. The Warriors have many sets of jerseys, with the home jerseys being mainly white vintage jerseys and the away jerseys being mostly dark blue jerseys. When the Warriors’ jerseys are paired with the yellow ocean of the Warriors’ home court, it can be said that it will make any team in the league feel scared!

The Lakers can be said to have accompanied the youth of a generation of Chinese people, 23 Kobe has left the field, but the purple and gold will not wear out. The reason why the Lakers are called the purple and gold, but also because of the Lakers jersey. The Lakers jerseys are mainly yellow jerseys at home and purple jerseys on the road, yellow represents gold, so the Lakers are known as the purple and gold.

The Celtics are arguably one of the greatest teams in NBA history and one of the oldest teams in the NBA. With 17 championship records and 4 runner-up finishes, the Celtics can be said to have dominated the league in the last century. The Celtics’ jerseys are mainly green, known as the Green Army, the Celtics’ Green Army and the Lakers’ Purple and Gold can be considered a pair of arch rivals, from the 1960s to the beginning of this century, the NBA game is always less than their confrontation.

the NBA History of the 30 Most Beautiful Jerseys Rating : Lakers 3 on the list, Jordan Bulls jersey on the Top

the 30 Most Beautiful Jerseys during the the NBA History

The jersey has always been a very important factor in the game, he can represent the culture of a city and a team, but also reflects the spirit of a team. Over the past century, the NBA jerseys have undergone several changes, and now there are not only home and away jerseys, but also Christmas jerseys, finals jerseys, team commemorative jerseys …… can be described as a variety of. Recently, the American media launched a poll to let fans choose their favorite top 30 jerseys! So what jerseys have been selected? Let’s take a look together –

30. 1996-2008 Minnesota Timberwolves

The Timberwolves jerseys of that period were closer to the cartoon style, with exaggerated fonts that were very eye-catching. The green woods decorating the side of the jersey, plus Kevin Garnett’s signature roar, became a memory for countless people.

29. 1960-1966 Los Angeles Lakers Jersey

When it comes to Lakers jerseys we recall the classic purple and gold color scheme, however in that era, the Lakers jerseys were indeed blue based. The lake is mostly blue, so it seems logical that the Lakers jerseys with blue is the most dominant color.

28. 2005-2010 Cleveland Cavaliers Jersey

Knight 1.0 period of the navy blue model jersey for the team’s status, is equivalent to the Knight 2.0 period of the black jersey. LeBron used to wear this jersey to create numerous miracles in the early days of the Knight. The extremely angular cut is like the knight’s sword, and the harsh font design highlights the characteristics of the knight.

27. 2018 – Present Toronto Raptors Jersey

The Raptors have adopted a new design of jersey design ON 2018 season, and the famous Canadian rapper Drake also participated in the design of the jersey. Instead of writing the name of the team or city on the chest, the jersey has “North” written on it to correspond to the team’s slogan “King of the North”.

26. 2002-2018 Los Angeles Lakers Jersey

Many teams have chosen white as the main color for their home jerseys. However only the Los Angeles Lakers’ weekend model white jerseys can make such an impression.

25. 1981-1996 Detroit Piston Jersey

Many teams have chosen white as the main color for their home jerseys. However only the Los Angeles Lakers’ weekend model white jerseys can make such an impression.

24. 1996-2001 Detroit Pistons Jersey

This jersey set looks more design-oriented. The ends of the two S’s have been elongated and replaced with flame emitting exhaust pipes. A galloping horse on the top highlights the passion and speed of Detroit’s “Motor City” name.

23. 2018-present Minnesota Timberwolves City Edition Jersey (City Edition)

This jersey allows the Timberwolves to join the tawdry purple family. This purple jersey can undoubtedly compete for the best jersey of the half season!

22. 1996-2001 Vancouver Grizzlies Jersey

It’s true that the Grizzlies had a very poor record during that era, but their jerseys were really distinctive. They really incorporated the “bear” element into their jerseys, and the Grizzlies logo on their pants is very chic.

21. 1990-1997 Indiana Pacers Jersey

The asymmetrical design of the jersey is a classic, who would have thought that the design came from an intern who was not even paid! The designer saw the design of the intern named “Rebecca” and decided to use it to design the team’s new jersey. The crazy career of Reggie Miller also added a lot of points to this jersey. It has become a sentiment in people’s hearts.

20. 1972-1981 New Jersey Nets Jersey

The Bucks jerseys of that era represented stubbornness. They were one of the few teams that kept their ABA style jerseys after the merger of ABA and NBA.

19. 2017-present Miami Heat Vice City (City Edition Jersey)

The West Coast color scheme has become a classic that is hard to beat in the trend world. Black with blue and pink, such a style really has a sense of unspeakable beauty.

18. 1997-2001 New York Knicks Jersey

The Knicks have always been dominated by orange and blue, but this jersey incorporates black elements into the jersey for the first time. Patrick Ewing, Allan Houston, Larry Johnson …… It was also a memorable time for Knicks fans.

17. 2015-present Milwaukee Bucks Jersey

While other teams are going retro, the Bucks are going the opposite way and playing flat. Dark green with cream, the color blocks on the sides of the jersey give it a very sophisticated look.

16. 1988-1999 Miami Heat Jersey

The most striking thing about this jersey is its number. The added shading is very eye-catching. This also allows the Heat jersey, which also uses a black and red color scheme, to successfully draw a line with the Bulls and form its own style.

15. 1989-present San Antonio Spurs Jersey

The Spurs have not changed their jersey style for almost thirty years, for no other reason than that the black and white Spurs jersey is too much in line with the temperament of the team. The most important thing is that no matter which player wears the Spurs jersey, you will not feel the slightest sense of incongruity, which is probably the great thing about this jersey.

14. 1992-2000 Phoenix Suns Jersey

The fiery Arizona should naturally choose such passionate colors as orange and purple. The sun across the jersey on the chest also makes everyone until the owner of this jersey – Phoenix Suns.

13. 1982-1992 Atlanta Hawks Jersey

The red with yellow is flirted with as tomatoes and scrambled eggs, but when you think about it, it seems that the jerseys with this color scheme are enough to be called classics. The Eagles never lacked violent snappers during this period, from Webber to Wilkins, these flying guys wore this jersey and gave us numerous wonderful performances.

12. 1997-2009 Philadelphia 76ers Jersey

This jersey has a special meaning in the hearts of fans all over the world. Allen Iverson, the man who represents an era, adds some legendary colors to this jersey.

11. 1985-1995 Seattle Supersonic Jersey

I believe Seattle fans really miss the jersey too much. They have been losing their NBA team for ten years. So to this day, this Supersonic jersey is still a hot style. Even if he looks so bland and uninteresting.

10. 2018-present Philadelphia 76ers Jersey

Americans seem to have a special affinity for star-shaped patterns. But no wonder, after all, our national anthem is “The Stars and Stripes Never Fall”. The 76ers’ jerseys really do have some of the flavor of Captain America.

9. 1988-2001 Charlotte Hornets Jersey

I do not quite understand why this set of jerseys will rank so high, after all, this vertical bar design is really some ugly ……

8. 1995-1999 Toronto Raptors Jersey

This cartoon jersey is really too dazzling in the long history of NBA jerseys. This jersey was controversial at the time, people who liked him felt that the jersey was beautiful and incomparable, while people who hated him said that the jersey was so childish that it was hard to accept. But Carter and Maddie’s cool ball style, undoubtedly for this set of jerseys added a lot of points. Put to now, also finally become a classic.

7. 1989-1998 Orlando Magics Jersey

Magics team history jerseys are almost always very colorful. Cartoon font with vertical stripes style design, let people quite nostalgic for the history of the best Magic team – O’Neal and Hardaway, if they can go farther hand in hand, perhaps NBA history is another scene.

6. 2018-present Golden State Warriors Jersey

If Curry had not led the Warriors to three championships, perhaps this jersey would not have had such a high status. I still remember now when this jersey was first released, many fans flirted with it like a heart guard ……

5. All styles Portland Trail Blazers Jersey

The Blazers jersey is really beautiful. The diagonal lines of the design is really unique to the NBA. The city jersey with “rip city” written on the chest also has a high status in my mind.

4. 1982-1993 Denver Nuggets Jersey

This jersey is called the “rainbow jersey” by fans. The jagged white mountain pattern represents the city of Denver, and the colorful colors also make this jersey very eye-catching. In addition to the history of the first black eight team, also makes this set of jerseys is not cliché, behind a lot of interesting story.

3. All styles Boston Celtics Jersey

In fact, throughout the history of the Celtics, their jerseys have never changed! There is a classic quote in the design world – Less is more. The Celtics uniforms are a tribute to this quote.

2. 1985-Present Chicago Bulls Jersey

The significance of this jersey for the Bulls is that – as long as it exists – the fans will never forget the glory that Jordan brought them back then.

  1. 1978-1999 Los Angeles Lakers Jersey

When it comes to baseball you think of the Yankees, when it comes to basketball, you naturally think of the Lakers. With the addition of LeBron, the Los Angeles Lakers are starting to return to glory, and they are also wearing the jerseys again this season to pay tribute to their former glory.

There are many more great jerseys in NBA history, which ones have left a lasting impression on you?

NBA News: the Official Announcement of the Suns! Chris Paul Missed at Least 6 Weeks Due To Injury, the Team Crisis is Coming

Chris Paul Missed at Least 6 Weeks Due To Injury

This year Chris Paul was selected for the All-Star Game, but just before the game started in the last regular season game, Paul accidentally injured his finger, which made the Suns fans very worried about Paul’s health status.

Before the start of the main event, the Suns official is also released the core of the team Paul injury situation, the core of the team Paul right thumb avulsion fracture, will be re-evaluated in 6-8 weeks, which means that the future Paul will probably miss the Suns game, which is really a bolt from the blue for the Suns.

However, although Paul’s right hand is injured, but he does not intend to give up the opportunity to participate in the All-Star game, Paul intends to still appear in the All-Star game, for the 35-year-old Paul, the opportunity to participate in the NBA All-Star is also less and less, and he was also selected this year in the ranks of the NBA’s top 75 stars in history, so he will also choose to take his injured arm to participate in the NBA’s 75th anniversary celebration. Perhaps in a sense, Paul has the ability to play the game, just the sun for insurance purposes, so let Paul choose to rest, Paul in the Suns this season almost played a full game, as a veteran is indeed very difficult.

Paul was originally a glass man, before his career in at least every season will miss so many games, if the regular season is not injured to the playoffs will certainly be injured, so if the early injury, then Paul will not have to worry about future injuries. As long as the Suns playoffs are healthy, then the Suns are definitely the top seed in the league. Now the overall strength of the Suns is quite strong, even without Paul, the Suns can still play very stable, so if Paul is absent from the first round of the playoffs, the Suns should also smoothly advance.

Chris Paul

The Suns record this season is 48 wins and 10 losses, even if it is 10 consecutive wins basically can lock the first position in the league, so there is no need to worry about the team’s record, let Paul rest a little more is also a good thing, the championship is the first place, there is no need to waste too much physical strength in the regular season. Of course, in terms of Paul’s performance in the All-Star game, 6 weeks is really too long, because Paul can also steal and can dribble to the basket, so there are many fans speculate that this is the Suns’ smoke and mirrors, is to confuse their competitors to do the means.

This kind of behavior has always existed in the NBA, especially in the critical moments of the impact of the playoffs, such things are only more likely to occur. So there is no need for Suns fans to tear their hearts out because of Paul’s injury, perhaps in less than 6 weeks Paul will return to the court.

Phoenix Suns Course

The biggest hidden problem that restricts the Suns from winning the championship this year is Paul’s injury. At present, the whole team is so strong that basically no one can stop the Suns, so as long as the whole team enters the playoffs, it is definitely an easy thing for the Suns to hold the championship trophy. But Paul’s absence is likely to make the loss of the opportunity to chase the regular season MVP, which is also a big loss for Paul. Of course, 2008 has lost once, this time for him is no big deal, as long as you can get the championship everything is worth it.

I believe Paul can overcome his injury and return to the court strong to lead this Suns team to finally hold the championship trophy!

Boosting Training Intensity, Simmons Still Weeks Away From Nets Debut

after being traded by the 76ers to the Nets, Simmons still needs a few weeks to get back into game shape.

From NBC news, after being traded by the 76ers to the Nets, Ben Simmons was late to play for the team. According to ESPN reporter Ramona Shelburne, Simmons still needs a few weeks to get back into game shape.

Shelburne said: “As far as I know, Ben Simmons will boost his practice this week and then see how he’s doing. But he’s close to being back, and I think it will take him weeks, not months, to get back on the court.” Simmons has yet to play an NBA game this season due to a complete falling out with the 76ers.

With Harden gone and Durant nursing a long-term injury, the Bucks currently have only Irving to lead the team alone. And due to the refusal to vaccinate, he can only play in road games. The Nets are currently 31 wins and 28 losses, ranking eighth in the East.

NBA ‘s Five Classic Jerseys Behind These Numbers

NBA classic jerseys of these number, they are Jordan’s No. 23 jersey, Kobe’s No. 24 jersey, Iverson and Wade’s number three jersey, Maddie’s No. 1 jersey and O’Neal No. 34 jersey.

There are many superstars in the history of the NBA, and their jerseys will be retired. The jerseys they wear will also be remembered by countless fans, and even for the retired team, it is also an out-of-print category now. Here we’ll take a look at the NBA’s five classic jerseys!

The first is Jordan’s No. 23 jersey, Jordan is known as the “God of basketball”, career a total of two triple crown, 10 times the NBA scoring champion, 5 times the regular season MVP, 6 times the Finals MVP! Led the team to win three consecutive championships again in the 96-98 season! Recognized as the greatest basketball player of all time, Michael Jordan was officially inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame on September 11, 2009.

The second is Kobe’s No. 24 jersey, Kobe is a point guard, he is considered one of the most versatile players in the NBA, since 1999 every year has been selected for the NBA’s best team. 2007, ESPN sports journalists voted for the greatest point guard of all time, the results of Kobe ranked second only after Jordan. officially retired after the end of the season. Beijing time on April 14, 2016, Kobe officially retired. Kobe won a total of five NBA championships, 99 ~ 02 season and O’Neal teamed up to take the triple crown, creating the Lakers dynasty!

The third is Iverson and Wade’s number three jersey, Iverson is the shortest first-grader in the history of the NBA, Wade is known as the “Flash”

Iverson won four NBA scoring championships, the best rookie in the NBA (1997), three NBA steals, but unfortunately did not win the championship, the closest championship is the 00-01 season, their opponent is the Lakers with Kobe and O’Neal, and finally lost the game 1-4!

Wade won three NBA championships, one NBA Finals Most Valuable Player Award, the year with James, Bosh formed the Heat trio proud of the group!

The fourth is Maddie’s No. 1 jersey. In his 16-year career, Maddie has been named to the NBA All-Star team seven times, won the regular season scoring title twice, and delivered 19.6 points, 5.6 rebounds and 4.4 assists in an average of 32.7 minutes.

On December 9, 2004, Maddie scored 13 points in the final 35 seconds of the game to help the Rockets turn back the Spurs at home, a highlight known as the “Maddie Moment.

On August 26, 2013, Maddie officially announced his retirement.

The fifth is No. 34. 34 we first remember is certainly O’Neal, he is the most dominant team in the NBA. And the other No. 34 players are basically fronts and linemen, just like Big Dream, Alphabet and Pierce. Of course for Ray Allen, he played guard, but he is one of the greatest shooters in the history of the NBA.

What do you think about these five classic jerseys? Welcome to leave your comments in the comments section!

Do You Know the Stories Behind the NBA Jersey ?

If you like basketball, then you may like to watch the NBA? If you like to watch the NBA, then you may be a fan of a superstar? If you are a fan of a certain superstar, then you probably have a jersey with his number? So which team’s jersey do you like? Which number do you like? Which color do you like? Which style do you like …… Then the question arises, what are your favorite NBA jerseys? Let’s discuss today ……

In our daily lives we wear all kinds of jerseys that are comfortable, loose, and nice to look at. There are also various numbers on the jerseys, some are your favorite numbers, some represent your favorite player, some represent your story, some are symbols of your birthday or something to commemorate ……

Today’s NBA into the commercial talk society, jerseys have to can be said to be the NBA commercial talk in a tool, in addition to the annual game to sell tickets. Or NBA ratings rights in addition. Sports goods in jerseys, shoes definitely occupy a large proportion. So what are the main jersey sponsors in the history of the NBA?

In 1920 basketball officially had a professional league, which also had the first standardized jersey in the history of the NBA. This jersey was a wool knit sweatshirt on top and cotton shorts on the bottom. By this time the jerseys had started to have the team’s name printed on them and the players had special belts to go with the jerseys. This jersey is made by the basketball brand Spalding.

In the early 80s, there was a groundbreaking innovation in NBA jerseys, which began to have mesh holes in the jerseys, which were designed to help players sweat well.

The latter NBA league ushered in two of the most important people in history, one is Jordan and the other is Stern. Jordan brought the glamour of basketball as a sport to the extreme, while Stern promoted the NBA league to the full extent of the world. At that time the league began to introduce personalized custom jerseys, Jordan began to wear loose jerseys, and later almost all NBA teams began to imitate Jordan’s jerseys. By this stage, NBA jerseys had evolved to look like the jerseys we see.

Several other jersey sponsors have emerged before and after, among which these two are the more famous.

Adidas officially took over the NBA jerseys in 06, and then the whole NBA jersey culture reached its peak. The following decade Adidas jerseys are still a very trustworthy brand. Adidas threw $1 billion to become the sole sponsor of NBA jerseys, determined to compete with Nike for the NBA market, and the contract ended in 2017. In 2010, Adidas brought the revolutionary “Revolution 30”, a jersey that not only weighed 30% less than its predecessor, but also doubled its drying speed.

In 2015, Nike signed a jersey sponsorship contract with the NBA for $1 billion over eight years and will be the exclusive jersey sponsor of the NBA for the first time, starting with the 2017-18 season. The designers have incorporated the iconic elements of the cities in which several teams are located into the jersey design, with color schemes and patterns creating a strong sense of local character. In addition, the designers also used some small details – the Houston Rockets jersey has the word “Rocket” printed in Chinese characters on the chest probably to commemorate the NBA’s greatest Chinese player Yao Ming; the New York Knicks jersey has not only the NBA team KNICKS, but also the world-renowned baseball team N.Y.C; Los Angeles Lakers jersey overall to python skin pattern design, I do not need to explain it, our forever black mamba. I have to say, this city jersey intention makes me feel, in the NBA court, belongs to the NIKE jersey era is really coming.

Of course for us, today we can easily buy online at NBA mall. The jerseys are in a wide range and the quality is good. For like friends can go to see. Of course, the price is more expensive. If you also like the jersey and its story, then follow me and we will discuss it together in the future ……