Does anyone remember the Nets’ No. 3 jersey

Does anyone remember the Nets’ No. 3 jersey

We all know that the NBA Hall of Fame has Jordan, Olajuwon, Barkley and so on these big names, it is clear that this institution is not just anyone can enter. And must be a great contribution to the cause of basketball, and the performance has to be very good people can have a seat here.

Of course this is not to say that as long as you get a few championships or MVP can enter, it is also visible that its gold content to be much higher than the retired jerseys or fifty superstars and such honors, in fact, somewhat similar to the Lifetime Achievement Award, and this honor is not only for players, like coaches, and some management people can enter. But even with such high requirements, there is a person who has only played in the league for four years and entered the Hall of Fame, in fact, it is very sad to say!

He is Petrovic, when he first started playing in Europe, once a game directly took more than a hundred points, don’t Kobe single game 81 points to be much more powerful, you can say he is also a very talented person! And at a young age has become famous, in the offensive side is very good, he is not because of good physical quality. Only because he has such a good offense, but because he has the ball control and singles ability is very horrible! Never impact the basket, but can create shots for himself by dribbling and changing the pace. The hitting percentage is statistically, surprisingly, over 60 percent. The three-point shooting rate is also around forty!

He was drafted in 1986 by the U.S. Trail Blazers low, but the Cold War had not yet ended, so he was hampered in the process of entering the NBA. His performance in the European game is very good, once on behalf of Croatia got the silver medal of the Olympic men’s basketball, also led Real Madrid all the way to the final, he these explosive performance also attracted the attention of many scouts, but because of the general environment is not good, he also has not gone.

In the 1992 Olympics he led the newly independent Croatia to play against the United States Dream Team, that era can be the golden generation! Sitting not only Johnson and very many legendary stars, even so he still took twenty-four points, scoring more than Jordan, but the overall strength of the team can not, lost the game!

At the time, athletes from almost every country were so bullish on the Dream Team that they went looking for their autographs after the game! But Lovic didn’t do that. He was a very proud man in his heart only he was the genius on the court, because of this he was also crazy on the court they were on the offense, non-stop in Jordan’s head of the score, although finally lost the game, but also let the opponent very admirable!

In 1989 the political environment shifted, he also joined the NBA Trail Blazers, but was not reused. He was then traded to the Nets the following year before he had a career breakout, getting a very large amount of playing time and averaging over twenty points per game! What’s even more rare is that he has a superb shooting percentage, all above 50 percent. He also brought the team to the playoff stage!

This has also won him the recognition of all the fans, and in less than a year, he has entered the first tier of the NBA rankings! Two years in a row of forty-five percent or more on three-pointers!

But the hero was short-lived, and he died in an accident on his way to visit his girlfriend in Munich in the same year! His number three team uniform was retired as a collection! By October ’02 this foreign player from Europe was elected to the Hall of Fame.

Conclusion: I think great people must be remembered, both for their performance on the field and for the spirit that has been passed down to them! Lovic carried the glory of Croatia on his back and made the world witness a short-lived spectacular performance that made people feel a little sad! But we should always remember that moment, when the political environment was so bad, it was he who made sports bring these countries together!