NBA has a golden left hand of the 6 major right-handed players

NBA has a golden left hand of the 6 right-handed will, Kobe right finger fracture, forcing out the strongest left hand!

There is no shortage of left-handed gods in the NBA league, from the left-handed Mullin of God away from the period to the recent left-handed magician Odom, they all used their left hands to play a world, there is a legendary left-handed will probably no one thought, he is the Lord of the Rings Russell, the legendary star with 11 titles is also a left-handed player.

But there are many other strange people in the league who can make incredible goals with their left hand, even if their usual hand is right-handed, making people wonder if this is a lefty. Some of them are so gifted, others have developed their golden left-handed skills due to their own injury problems, while others are there to show how powerful they are.

To talk about pretend we all know Jordan’s closed-eye free throws, but we do not know that as a right-handed will Larry Bird once cut 47 points with his left hand, whether shooting, layups, passing or even grabbing rebounds are done with the left hand, that night he told the Trail Blazers what is called, as long as the left hand can beat you.

We all remember Maddie’s touching 35 seconds and 13 points, and Maddie is also a very balanced left and right-handed player, his switch-handed pull-ups, left-handed holding the ball single play is simply beautiful, and the most wonderful is undoubtedly in the Rockets period due to injuries to the right hand, offering their superb left hand, three points free throws all kinds of things can.

And a generation of passing masters Nash is also a man with a golden left hand, although it is a right-handed will, but in his passing time is not divided into left and right hands, whether with the left hand to hit the ground pass, or cross-man long pass, he can easily complete, so every time he encounters the package, his left hand can always find a way to live.

We all know that James shot with the right hand, but the hit rate has not been high, we all think it is James’s bad shooting, in fact, what we do not know is that James is a left-handed, just playing with the right hand with habit, may be this is the reason why his career shooting percentage has not been high. And James in the early years of the knight, frequent breakthroughs under the basket will use the left hand to complete the layup, is also confirmed this point.

Kobe has always been a paranoid person, there is nothing he can’t do, only things you can’t think of, of course Kobe is not a left-handed person. But Kobe has the ability to interoperate with his left and right hands, and this is also hard because of the right hand finger fracture forced out, whether it is a turnaround jumper, or a breakaway layup or even a free throw, Kobe can use his left hand to complete, this is the spirit of Mamba.

The changes about Rockets Jerseys

The changes about Rockets Jerseys

Today we talk about the Houston Rockets jerseys!

Today on the Rockets logo to share with you the story behind, in fact, the Rockets team logo in the past years there have been many changes, many believe that we have not seen.

The Oldperiod: San Diego Rockets 1967-1971

When the Rockets were founded in San Diego, the primary colors of their jerseys were green and gold. The away jerseys bore the city’s name (SAN DIEGO), while the home jerseys bore the team name. This was the only jersey design used by the Rockets during those years in San Diego.

Houston New times 1971/1972

When the Rockets moved to Houston in 1971, they replaced the green color of their old uniforms with red. The jerseys basically kept the same design as they had in San Diego, with just a few color changes and the city name (HOUSTON). The logo and the jerseys were only used by the Rockets for one season.

The glorious 22 years from 1972 to 1995

During the 1972/1973 season, the Rockets began using the famous team logo, which fans have dubbed “Mustard & Ketchup”. The team logo is mainly a golden basketball surrounded by two red ribbons, with “Shytown” on top and “Rockets” below.

Cartoon period 1995/1996-2002/2003

After the team’s 1995 Finals win, the Rockets decided to make their jerseys a little more hip in order to keep up with the cartoon style that was popular with other teams in the 1990s. The main body of the team logo is a shark-headed rocket orbiting around a basketball. The team’s main color of red was retained, but navy and silver were added. The jerseys were used for the 2002/2003 season.

The beginning of the YAO period 2003/2004 – Present

The Rockets’ current logo and uniforms were introduced in the 2003/2004 season and utilize the essence of Chinese calligraphy. Red, silver and black are the main colors of the current design. The home/away uniforms utilize the recent font for the numbers, a design that was also used in a simplified way in Adidas’ 2010 Revolution 30 jersey design.

NBA 2019-20 : The Classic Color of Rockets Jerseys Returned for the Championship Season

Classic Color of Rockets Jerseys Returned for the Championship Season in NBA 2019-20 Season

2019-20 Season Rockets Jerseys

As we can see from the pictures, the Rockets’ most commonly worn Union Edition and Logo Edition jerseys have not changed much compared to 2018-19 year’s version, still in the Rockets’ most iconic red, black and white color scheme, but there are still some changes in the specific color distribution and cut of the new jerseys. Rockets white and red color scheme of the league version of the jersey, the main change is in the red decorative strip on the side of the jersey, the logo version of the jersey in the use of red as the base color, while the side is decorated with black. According to the official explanation of the Rockets, the design of the side of the jersey is inspired by the rocket launch.

The black jersey released by the Rockets during the 16-17 season was fully recognized by the Rockets fans and is one of the best-selling jerseys of the Rockets, so this color scheme of the jersey, the Rockets will continue to wear in the new season.

The most attractive attention is the classic version of the Rockets jersey, familiar with the Rockets fans must know that the new classic version of the jersey and the Rockets 93-94, 94-95 championship season jersey, is exactly the same, the Rockets official also revealed that this jersey is in tribute to the championship season, but in the jersey material, using the latest technology. This rocket fans mouth “tomato scrambled eggs” color scheme, are you satisfied?