Which NBA All-Star Game jersey is the best in history?

NBA All-Star Game jerseys


The inaugural All-Star Game was not as easy as one might think, when players who were able to participate in the All-Star Game were belted, which made it feel a bit comical, as if the belts were used to keep the tights from falling off.

1963 Los Angeles

The logo of the East (EAST) and West (WEST) divisions finally appeared on top of the jerseys.

1975 Phoenix

The jerseys appear with a logo that is unique to the host city.

1977 Milwaukee

The jerseys appeared green, very much in line with the home scene.

1979 Pontiac, Michigan

Bad jersey design, slanted stripes and fonts that look like a printing error.

1980 Landover, Maryland

The jerseys were altered to look like the pajamas people wear when they wake up.


Somef stars pattern appeared on the jersey, as if they were pasted on by a child playing with it.


The jersey design is quite aesthetically pleasing, making it feel simple yet elegant.


Gradient! Clip art! Multiple fonts! Welcome to the 90s!

1995 Phoenix

The appearance of the extremely asymmetrical cactus on the jersey is inexplicable.

1996 San Antonio

Playing in this jersey makes you feel confident and the chili on the jersey makes you enthusiastic.


Forgoing the specific attire of the all-star game and playing in their respective teams’ jerseys, it looked so chaotic that they couldn’t even tell who their teammates were.

2003 Atlanta

The jerseys revert to specific clothing, which was the last NBA All-Star game Jordan participated in.

2004 Los Angeles

The fonts and numbers in the East and West sections make people feel weird and always look not so comfortable.

2005 Denver

Nothing special, one of the most forgettable jerseys.

2006 Houston

The overall appearance of the jersey was modified to give it a simple yet classy look.

2007 Las Vegas

Crazy city, crazy jersey look.

2008 New Orleans

The jerseys themselves don’t look too bad, but the two colors confuse viewers and make it impossible to easily tell which players are on which team .

2009 Phoenix

Aesthetic, straightforward design with the player’s name printed on the back of the jersey under the numbers is very refreshing.

2010 Arlington, Texas

The lines are clear and crisp, and the colors are sharp.

2011 Los Angeles

Too many bright elements and unnecessary “the” on the jersey.

2012 Orlando

The jersey looks like it was designed by someone in the 1980s, and I can’t see where the highlights are.

2013 Houston

For whatever reason, this design definitely stands out among all the All-Star Game jerseys.

2014 New Orleans

Short-sleeved attire and a jersey with only the logo on the front make you look like you’re wearing pajamas.

2015 New York

The black and white jerseys, away from the red and blue, are the first and last names painted on and under the numbers on the back of the jerseys, and the jerseys are generally small.

2016 Toronto

Simple color scheme, simple but not simple design, the words “EAST” and “WEST” return to the classics, and the name on the jersey has a great touch.