Age is too relentless, strong as James, but also to express loyalty: as long as still playing will wear the Lakers jersey

The NBA’s regular season continued with the Clippers vs. the Lakers, and in the end, the Clippers beat the Lakers by 105-102. Data, the Clippers Mann 19 points 10 rebounds 4 assists, Reggie Jackson 17 points 6 assists hit key two free throws, Kennard 18 points 6 rebounds; Lakers James 21 points 11 rebounds missed tying three points, Westbrook 18 points, Howard 14 points 16 rebounds, Anthony comeback to get 18 points, Holden Tucker 16 points.

Losing to the Clippers is a very passive situation for the Lakers. Because of this, the Lakers, for the third time this season, have lost to the Clippers. If the Clippers had Leonard, it would have been okay, but Cass is basically out for the season, and if not until the playoffs, he should be unlikely to come back. In other words, so far, he has not played in any games this season.

If the Clippers still have George, you can also say they have a double burst of players. What happened? George also had surgery and is out for the season. Such a team would have been a giveaway, but the Lakers couldn’t catch a break. And the final result? The Clippers won, the Lakers lost, and the season was triple-killed. The grudge behind this is indeed very interesting.

Likewise, with the Lakers losing to the Clippers three times, with their current posture, the possibility of trying to hit the top six in the West is also very small. After all, the Lakers’ plight today is not something that can be said in a few words. Previously, some people after, after the All-Star weekend will be very fierce Willow, but this, too, is a fortuitous event.

After all, Willis and Beal, at least, are matched, and Beal is a master without the ball to match Willis. But in the Lakers, Willow is not such a treatment, and it can even be said that he is a mini version of James, a mini version of James who misses a lot, a mini version of James who does not shoot as well as James. So, the problem previously was that many people felt he was incompatible, and there was nothing Vogel could do about it. In this way, the Lakers’ season, the fate is largely so. So, the jungle is also out a message, that is, James to leave the Lakers.

Things like this, rumors like this, are abuzz. In response, James said of management’s decision after the game, “I’m not in charge of shooting the board, they ask my opinion, I don’t shoot the board. I’m very confident (in management’s ability to build a championship contending team), they’ve done it before.” Asked about his future with the Lakers, James said, “I think as long as I’m playing, I’ll be wearing the purple and gold.” Talking about not ruling out joining the Cavaliers, James clarified that he may retire as a Cavaliers player, but not necessarily play for them.”