Is Tramadol a Narcotic?

When it comes to pain relief medications, Tramadol is a fairly interesting case. At first glance, it appears similar to other medications of its kind; when taken by mouth, it generally provides pain relief within an hour. The main thing that makes Tramadol noteworthy are the side effects it produces.

If Tramadol is used to treat moderate to reasonably severe pain, it will have effects similar to true opiates such as hydrocodone or morphine. As you might know, these drugs are considered highly addictive because they contain certain narcotic components. Under some circumstances, Tramadol can also provoke a state of near-euphoria and, consequently, addiction. This led many people to ask themselves a logical question: Is Tramadol a narcotic?

So, is Tramadol a narcotic?

The short answer is no, Tramadol is not a narcotic-type drug. However, it does produce similar effects, up to the point that people can easily get addicted to it. For example, if an individual takes Tramadol over a relatively long period of time, they will build a tolerance to it. After a while, they will need a greater dose to reach the same levels of pain relief. As the doses continually increase, the person could become dependent on Tramadol.

This is the main reason why reputed doctors are against prescribing this medication long-term. Additionally, doctors generally advise their patients to start off with a very low dose of Tramadol; if the dosage needs to be increased, the patient will be monitored with great care.

As you might imagine, Tramadol can also produce withdrawal symptoms. Though side effects of Tramadol withdrawal depend on the individual, they generally last a few days to a couple of weeks. Some of the more common symptoms include aggressiveness, depression, headaches, hallucinations and violent mood swings.

Though it was long believed that Tramadol had no addiction potential, this drug proved to be more complex than expected. Despite the fact it’s not a narcotic, Tramadol still needs to be prescribed and treated with utmost care and attention. If you’re interested in finding out more about Tramadol, you can find more information on our site.